Thursday, July 31, 2008
The final straw.
{7:47 PM}

Today was the last straw for me.

Honestly, I don't know why friendships never work out for me. Or rather, I do not know why people treat me the way they do. Frankly speaking, I have no more words for you. Pardon me for keeping mum the whole period but I just do not know how to put my words across to you.

It was a very bad day to begin with for me. I was down with flu, cough and fever yet I still made my way down to school. I have no idea why I did that when I could easily gotten a MC and stayed at home instead to recuperate. Then came the message. You had your dad to send you to school. Great! Amazing! Voila! But don't your brains and our friendship at least work hand in hand? Instead of messaging, "Sorry my dad sending me to school. See you in school k?", can't you offer me a lift as well since we only live a street away? This was not the first time. It happened back then at Grand Copthorne as well. You offered someone else a ride (and she lives further away than you did) instead of me. Did you know how much my heart break when you did that? Everyone one else wondered why you did that? I could only carry my heavy heart off and just say I have no clue at all.

Yes, you mentioned that I'm always so sarcastic to you and always citing your flaws. Did you know that at the end of the day, you hurt me more than I have ever hurt you. Did you know I cried two days ago cause I felt that you couldn't see the underlying concern I had for you?

All you ever did was point at my mistakes. Those which are blatantly obvious. You failed to see your own faults. When the three of us are together, I feel like I was an extra. Sometimes, you would even gossip in front of me secretly and I feel like a fool. You would only talk to me when we are alone on the bus home, or going to school. What do you treat me as? A substitute? Sometimes, I feel that going to school with me was an obligation. Back in the past, I felt so pathetic cause I had to ask you every night if you wanted to go school together. Never once did you ask me. When I didn't ask, you went ahead. Sometimes, you are late. What did I do? I waited for you. Even when we were late. I never once blamed you.

Today, you asked me to sit beside you. When I asked why? Because your friend was not here and there was a space. Have it occured to you how that hurts? It's no use. It's not me alone. I don't even care a shit about what you do.

You said today, I ignored the both of you. Imagine the days when you avoided me and not even care about my existence. Remembered last semester when I practically had to beg in order to eat lunch with all of you when we are one clique just because we had different timetables. Hence, you all forgot all about me. How's that?

This semester, I thought we finally bonded. But I guess not. Even when doing projects, we were unhappy. Like everytime I gave deadlines, then you and your friend would sulk, the latter more of it. And I don't like the fact that you guys are constantly rubbing to my face that I'm an AD student. It hurts. Why would you do that? I seem to have taken it with a lot of pride but inside, I question why would you use grades as a tool against me.

Everytime I ask you to study, it's for your own good. I want you to do well. I want you to learn from your mistakes. I find that it's plain stupid. Cause at the end, I only cause you undue stress just because I want you to strive for that A. If you feel that you can't get an A even if you worked hard, I do not know what to say. I'm always the bad person in the end anyways. Even when someone selfishly chose to separate classes with the two of you, I stood by. Cause I believed that we can pull through this race together. HE specifically told me he didn't want to work with the both of you because you guys are not working your ass off for his grades. But I defended you guys and said that if I wanted an A, I would work together with the both of you to earn it. But, I am the bad guy, am I not?

So, on Tuesday, I asked if you all wanted to eat out. Answer given was that no money and needed to go home to study. Instead, you went Orchard. So much for studying! And on yesterday, you had time to go Jurong Point to eat? Got money? Got time? No need study? Okaaaay fine. You didn't even bother asking if I wanted to go. You only had to wait two hours for me to finish my tutorial. If it was me, I would have waited. For you, it's a waste of time.

I was there when you cried after getting your RFA CT results and I was there when you said you beat _______ in tax. You were so damn happy about it cause you felt that finally you did something right and had a sense of satisfaction.

I didn't know drive to great success and grades is affecting our friendship. Everyone competes with each other; even their friends. Even you silently are competing with ______.

Never once have I genuinely felt happy about my grades cause I was thinking of you. Other people celebrate good grades together (even when they do not do well) but you guys are more concerned with being sarcastic about it with referrals to my grades.

This is it. I'm giving up. It's the race to the examinations and I don't care about you anymore. Go and decide what you want to do with your life. We have different goals in life and different wavelengths. I hate to always give in when I never gain anything back in return.

You tell me what would you do in my position?

Up till now, I'm still running fever, flu and cough. This is so effed up.

Sorry Charlyn, you are not to be blamed for this. I deeply apologised about this but you already knew what happened. Thanks for being there for me. I know how you feel and I'm sorry because I already made my decision. It's the end for me.

And no worries, I know I have other friends to count on (and you know who you are) and of course my best friend, Hel, who turns 23 today. I love you a lot. Thanks for being there for me at the deepest pits. We shall meet up soon.

PS: Belinda, thanks for lending me your jacket. I really appreciate it.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Money well spent.
{7:22 PM}

This is bad. I promised to start on my revision on last Saturday but up till now, I have not done anything productive. Take today for example. I was supposed to come home and revise on my A Maths, but I ended up sleeping. I didn't even manage to watch my Tong Xing Yuan. Tsk tsk. I only woke up in time for the 7 pm show and then take my dinner.

Anyhow, like I said, I have been procrastinating. Hence, these past few days have been spent going out. On Monday, after I&E was done, I headed to Lot 1 with Joel, Gifford and Charlyn. Joel headed home after joining us for some Cotton On shopping and DDR madness.

Here's a snippet of Gifford playing it. :)

After that, Gifford, Charlyn and of course plus me, headed to watch The Dark Knight. My rating on it? It was alright. Heath Ledger was awesome as the Joker. Like for real. But suffering on my ass for two and a half hours was too much. The funny thing was that all the three of us came prepared as if we were stucked in some refuge camp. Nutrisoy, McVities, bags of chips. Lol.

A bunch of fan"girls" before watching the movie.

Then on Tuesday, me and Salleh headed to Gelare Causeway Point. It's waffles half price day! It was Salleh's first time eating it and he was so damn satisfied with it. He even had two scoops of ice cream. After that, we headed to the arcade to play drums and DDR. HAHA. My latest induction to the DDR clan. I've gotten Sue, Charlyn, Gifford and Salleh so far. One day, we should all have a competition on our own.

Today, we had the RFA assessment and for the first time, I kinda felt good about RFA. Indeed, RFA is love. HAHA. After that was Audit Communication. It was a lot of fun being an auditor.

It's almost the end of the semester already. Once exams are over, it's the HOLIDAYS!

Also, these few days, I've been watching my all time favorite boyband, 911 video. It's amazing. Check it out.

911 - Don't Make Me Wait

911 - The Day We Find Love

911 - All I Want Is You

911 - A Little Bit

Hope you liked the songs.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Friend or Foe?
{9:31 PM}

I always hate the pre exams stress. It gets to everyone and by that, I mean, myself included. As the days drew in nearer and nearer, I feel like I'm gasping for time to breath. In less than three weeks, the exams would be here. Then comes one week of exams. It would then be followed by three weeks of relaxation and then the results are out. Some of us would then rejoice for joy or some would teared up in disappointment. I would honestly rather have the former. Like for real.

I guess disappointments have tired me out insane. I remembered the days where I used to ask why everytime things didn't go my way. Back in secondary school and back in ite. Somehow, I kinda missed my ITE days. I missed the closeness of my own clique. It wasn't smooth sailing though. I changed cliques THREE times in the course of two years.

My first cliques was the worst. I ended up making bitter enemies with this one bitch in my group who constantly flaunted her grades in front of me. She got second in class while I got third (and I tied with two other people). The next sem, she dropped out of the top ten. I couldn't my laughter. Practically after the first sem, she kept harping on her grades. Fuck you bitch. I still hate her. I do.

My second clique was the one I treasured the most. But things went ugly cause we fought over grades. It wasn't me who started it. THEM. The two girls whom I loved so much. They kept saying that I always abandon them just because I was an A student. That wasn't true. At the end of the day, I was there by their side but when I needed help, I had to ask from others. It was really bad. We became enemies for one semester just because I had to work my ass off to go poly. I'm really glad things cleared up now though.

My final clique was awesome. They were all striving to get good grades to make it to uni and I'm glad/proud to say that EVERY single one in the clique went to poly. We rocked. I'm honoured to be in the same group as you were. Lotsa love.

AND THEN. It came to poly.

Honestly, I never knew what to expect in poly. No confidence at all. But I felt God blessed me with good results to tell me that with hard work and perseverance, I could do it. After that, second semester passed by and told me that with constant perseverance, I would do pretty well.

But one thing still remained. I dunno. Today's table topics brought a lot of emotions to me. One topic done by HuiXian was "Singaporeans are obssessed with being number one." Who isn't? I knew I wanted to be the best. But somehow I didn't believe in myself. But I did it. Do I want it another time? Of course I do. But it's true what she said. In my bid to get my number one, I lost of things.

I lost my social life. I lost my friends. I lost every single confidence there is for me. Sometimes, I sit and wonder. Is my path to success affecting every single other routes out there for me? I have no idea. I find myself crying sometimes. I feel like I am alone and somehow I feel that no one understands me.

My friend, I apologize greatly for the things that I have done to you.

When you cried upon receiving your results, I cried with you. I bet you didn't know that but I did. I could feel the pain in your heart. This semester, you promised me that you would work hard but I feel that you didn't. When you received your common test results, you cried again. I didn't know what to do. I feel so lost. I feel like I have failed as your friend, who was supposed to be there to guide you along. Sometimes, I don't know how to console you. And I feel like I can't even rejoice at my own achievements.

Today, I was so sorry that I appear disinterested in the tutorial. I felt that as a friend, I should not be spoon feeding you. I had to make you think on your own. I needed to prepare you for your examinations.

I fear that the day during first sem would happen yet again. When you walked away from me, tearing up cause you felt pressurised studying with me. I didn't mean it that way and I hope you understand my intentions. All I wanted was that everyone would be able to score well and celebrate together.

Recall the first time we met up when we received our results, I felt so out of place. Everyone else was talking about their grades and I only kept quiet. I didn't know what to say.

Till this day, I don't think I have changed one bit. And I only want the best for you. Our end destinations after poly may not be the same but I want you to know that we have both worked our ways through poly to the best of our abilities.

I may not be the person who shows you the concern and care the way you wanted it to be, but let it be known that deep down inside, you will always have my faith in you.

A friend was lost because of grades and competition. I really do not want to lose another. It's pointless. At the end of the day, our friendship is measured with a lot of other aspects, not in grades. It's just silly.

With that, I wish everyone the best in your studies.

Sunday, July 27, 2008
Sunday Blues.
{9:43 PM}

There are so many things I wanna blog about actually. And I'm sure the topics are those of interest to you. These past few weeks, many things have happened; some of which I have yet to find answers for. I feel the urge to let go of all my thoughts but somehow, I can't do it right now. Not when exams are three weeks away and I'm still slacking. Barely doing anything now. I really hope the study breaks come into play. I need the mood to do this.

4 modules. And so little time. Sometimes, I wish I had been consistent from day one. That's what I said every semester anyways but I never get to doing it. I feel like I'm such a failure. Sigh.

Anyhow, this semester will soon be over and I can't wait for the holidays. Not sure what I will be doing then but I hope I get away from all the stress that I'm feeling right now.

My mom's gonna go to dad's place for the upcoming week, which simply means that there's no one at home except for my sister. I dunno whether to feel happy about it or not but I guess they need to solve this issue. What issue you ask? Ask me.

And I liked the recent Calefare's trailer. It's amazing. And funnnny. I can't wait to see what it's all about. Awesome.

Alright then, I shall not post much anymore. Gotta get ready for Incredible Tales. See what I mean? Procrastination is my nemesis.

Before that, the top referrers for this week are. 23 12 11 7 4 4 3 2 2 2 1

COME ON. Refer more readers. LOL. :)

And please tag! I will be announcing those who are in the clique soon. :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008
Completely toasted!
{10:09 PM}

I should really learn to treasure my weekends. My sleep of course. I honestly thought I could lavish in more than 12 hours sleep but yet, I can't do it. Yesterday, I spent the the night watching movies online. That is sad, cause I have no time to watch it in the theatres. After all was said and done, I slept close to 5am.

Today, I woke up at around 12 plus. I was actually awoken by Charlyn's call. She couldn't make it for our study session. I met up with Suxin though at around 3 plus and studied FIT. She studied stats. Studied at Starbucks Civic till around 6 plus before we headed to Yakun Kaya Toast. Been a while since I went there. It still tasted awesome.

After that, headed home, watched the Mummy and now, watching Troy. After Troy, I'm prolly gonna do some FIT again. I honestly am lagging behind. TSK TSK. So dead right? But never mind, I will chiong.

What's the plan for tomorrow? No idea. I shall decide when it comes.

With that, I shall end today's post. See ya!

OOH. Suxin recommended Fated to Love You. Might watch that if I end up giving up on studying. :)


Last week, I forgot to post my top referrers. Sorry about that. This is last week's top referrers. This week's one will be done tomorrow! These are the top ten. 77 16 10 6 3 3 3 2 2 2


TGIF, for sure.
{12:37 AM}

Finally, I'm done with all the I&E submissions. Alot of reflections to be done. PHEW. Anyhow, I love Fridays! There's Ghost Whisperer and HOUSE. And there are like 2 hours of HOUSE! OMG. Isn't that amazing? I love that show. Honestly.

Anyhow, I fell in love with Miley Cyrus' "These Four Walls". The lyrics are so beautiful. Go check it out!

These four walls
They whisper to me
They know a secret
I knew they would not keep
Didn't take long for the room to fill with dust
And these four walls came down around us

It must have been something that send me out of my head
With the words so radical
And not what I meant
Now I wait for a break in the silence 'cause it's all that you left
Just me and these four walls again

It's hard now to let you be
I won't make excuses
I've made my peace
Didn't take long for me to lose the trust
'Cause these four walls were not strong enough

It must have been something that send me out of my head
With the words so radical
And not what I meant
Now I wait for a break in the silence 'cause it's all that you left
Just me and these four walls again

Yeah, it's difficult
Watching us fade
Knowing it's all my fault
My mistake
Yeah, it's difficult
Letting you down
Knowing it's all my fault
You're not around

It must have been something that send me out of my head
With the words so radical
And not what I meant
Now I wait for a break in the silence 'cause it's all that you left
Just me and these four walls again

Thursday, July 24, 2008
All I wanted was to sleep. :(
{10:07 PM}

These few days, I have been very tired so I won't be updating much alright? So sorry. I came late today for class cause I had fever the day before. Thing is, I slept at 10:30pm yesterday and yet, I woke up at 7:45am! OMG. The thing is, I only woke up when Sue messaged me. And, that girl was so happy that she decided to skip bcomm on the whole and that left me all alone. Just because she finished her table topics! MACAM SIAL!

But table topic went fine today. I was so speechless upon receiving the topic. It was such a nerve wrecking moment. But I hope I did well.

Btw, I passed A MATHS! WOOOO. I got 26/40! Thank god!

Anyhow, here's some more of Sue! It was before FIT presentation and she was having phone ________ with her bf!

LOOK AT HER GO! OMG. So funny!

And today, I found my new love, SUSU TAY WEN JIE! That was taken while Ms Cindy was lecturing. Tsk tsk. I am a bad student.

I end it off here. Tired.

Isn't he hot? LOL. I told him I would post this up and so I did. SO HOT. :D

Monday, July 21, 2008
Dead tired.
{11:56 PM}

I'm not gonna blog much today. But in a few points, it describes my day today.

- Went to school with Joel
- Lunch with Gifford, Illias and Joel at Alumni
- I&E Meet up with Mr Chan
- Received news that we went through the semi finals for SIM Management Competition
- Headed home
- Bought shirt from G2000 with bestie
- Discussed about FIT presentation

Tomorrow, it's a lot of assessments!

- Table topics for BCOMM2
- FIT presentation
- Captain's ball competition

I will post up pictures tomorrow. Hopefully.

For now, I'm off to bed. Tired. Toodles!

Sunday, July 20, 2008
10 Weird Laws of the World
{11:42 PM}

Stole Took this from Sue's blog. You know her and her abundance of free time.

10: Most Middle Eastern countries recognize the following Islamic law: "After having sexual relations with a lamb, it is a mortal sin to eat its flesh."

9: In Lebanon, men are legally allowed to have sex with animals, but the animals must be female. Having sexual relations with a male animal is punishable by death.

8: In Bahrain, a male doctor may legally examine a woman’s genitals, but is forbidden from looking directly at them during the examination. He may only see their reflection in a mirror.

7: Muslims are banned from looking at the genitals of a corpse. This also applies to undertakers; the sex organs of the deceased must be covered with a brick or a piece of wood at all times.

6: The penalty for masturbation in Indonesia is capitation.

5: There are men in Guam whose full-time job is to travel the countryside and deflower young virgins, who pay them for the privilege of having sex for the first time. Reason: under Guam law, it is expressly forbidden for virgins to marry.

4: In Hong Kong, a betrayed wife is legally allowed to kill her adulterous husband, but may only do so with her bare hands. The husband’s lover, on the other hand, may be killed in any manner desired.

3: Topless saleswomen are legal in Liverpool, England, but only in tropical fish stores.

2: In Santa Cruz, Bolivia it is illegal for a man to have sex with a woman and her daughter at the same time.

And the wierdest law in the world is...

In Cali, Colombia, a woman may only have sex with her husband, and the first time this happens her mother must be in the room to witness the act.

AMATS! The horror.
{2:00 AM}

I failed. Or at least I think I did. But it wasn't that bad. 16/40 I think. OMG. How can I ever score well for this module. Sucky.

Anyhow, on Friday, I skipped my FIT lecture. I know. It's bad. But I can't help it. I don't have the mood to go for a 2 hour lecture when there's a paper the next day. So, I met up with Mr Apistos at 3.30. We were both late by the way and then we headed to the library. We were damn lucky that there were seats. LOL. Ishardi joined us after his class ended and he helped us buy puffs from Old Chang Kee. Bummer that there were no Pepper O. I love that. So, I settled for the curry one while Apistos took the sardine one. I hate that. It stinked. So, his mouth stinked. Blah.

Studied AMATS again cause I forgot everything. Here's some videos.

He was laughing cause he taught me the wrong thing. Tsk tsk. LOL. But he was the only one who managed to make me understand the concepts. Wootness to that. After study session, we headed to KFC. HAHA. He cracked me up, as usual.


After that, headed home.

Today, nothing much happened. After test, came home and slept all the way till 6 plus. Then, mom asked me to cook. I thought she was kidding but she was serious. So, I cooked under her guidance and this is what I came up with.

It was yummy, alright? I make such a good housewifehusband.

Anyhow, I should really be getting some sleep now so I shall leave you for now. Tomorrow, I will post who are my top referrers for this week.


Thursday, July 17, 2008
I hope you still love me. XOXO.
{8:29 PM}

Pardon me for not blogging yesterday. I was extremely dead beat. On top of that, I think I am falling in love sick as well. :(

Anyways, I kinda knew I wasn't gonna blog yesterday so I saved a draft message on my hp. Some of the highlights of the day were:

- SUE still owes me 10 bucks!
- She abused my laptop by typing really hard.
- She is not local [cause some surveyor said that! of course, i brought my maid to school!]
- And oh, I was so hungry, I ate her bread [filled with jam and butter]
- And she brought bread cause she already used up her allowance.
- Which explains why she still owes me 10 bucks! SIGH.

Anyhow, look at the following video. We already found out who Sue's stalker was. LIKE FINALLY!

Actually, I was kidding. I WAS NOT THE STALKER! He's still at large but he hasn't been calling her. Maybe he read my blog and realised how ugly she is. Good choice stalker! She's so not worth your time. DUH!

Today, nothing much happened. Headed to school for eportfolio assessment and I think I did okay. Nothing impressive. Quite disappointed in myself as well. After that, had audit lecture and skipped home after that. Hmm, now, I'm still taking a break. At ten later, gotta attempt a maths! I'm still not prepared for saturday. :(

God, please help me.

your blessed being.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008
The Chronicles of Sue
{2:02 AM}


I came to school only for FIT lesson. See? I so hardworking. Many people would have skipped that already. But I chose to come down. It was fun though. These past few days, I and Sharul have been disturbing Sue non stop! Really. I will post the videos of us disturbing her. There's one with Sharul right now and it's so damn funny. She was supposed to send it to me but she's not online. Tsk tsk.


After that was done, I and Sue headed home. Well, we should have till I suggested going to Gelare cause the waffles are going for half price. So, we headed there and
here are some pictures to describe the whole "date".

After that, we headed to arcade and played DDR again! Also, we decided to play the jamming game and we did quite well as well. I wanna go back again! It was so damn fun that we were both sweating it out as well.

BTW, at the end of the whole thing, SUE OWES me 10 bucks! She said she used up her allowance for this week already and it's only Tuesday. Tsk tsk. Let's see if she eats bread for the rest of the week!

Alright, I'm dead beat and I wanna sleep. But before I do that, here's something special from SUE to YOU!

Till then,
You know you love me,
bitch on the roll.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008
I'm finally FIT!
{12:46 AM}


Finally. FIT Part 2 has been submitted. I'm pretty much a happy person. AND OH, JOEL TANG WEI LIANG, if you are reading this, you owe me _______. That's for saying I&E class was on this week and making me rush to school cause I thought I was late. In the end, you were at home and you said no class! Make me so pek chek!

Anyhow, it was nice catching with Illias and Gifford today and having lunch at SIM. AND OH. How we tried to test if the SIM wireless connection was working well or not. Reminds me why time spent with them is worth remisnicing for. I still love the both of you alright? XOXO. I know things have changed now but our friendship will hopefully stay strong. And yes, let's bring BA GOAL to the next semester. Woot! Which reminds me that the actual thing is happening next month, after the exams.

After lunch, headed over to Ourspace to meet up with SIM team. Results were out and let's say that the results were very disappointing. Not a good start at all. Good luck to everyone else there cause I'm afraid we might not get it afterall. But it was an awesome experience and I love all my members. Well, at least when they are working their brains out cause my brains are totally fried! YES. Fried. Headed home at around 7 after that.

Reached home, watched So You Think You Can Dance and followed by Beach Ball Babes. Awesome! After that, had the SIM discussion again and it just ended after almost two hours of discussion. The game itself is fun! But it killed a lot of my brain cells. Sucky.

Anyhow, Sue, Sharul and myself took pictures when we submitted our project. I will post it up when both of them has sent me those pictures. Till then, I have to bid you all good night cause I'm super tired and I need to sleep.





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Monday, July 14, 2008
Miss Universe 2008
{10:55 AM}

OOOOH. Hotness.

Miss Universe just ended and I must say, that two hours is simply short. And honestly, I don't like the way they narrowed down the delegates. From 80 to 15 to 10 and then the final five. I missed the times where they had the top ten, then judged them based on swimwear, evening gown as well as a short Q&A. It seems much more fairer in that way.

What a shocker. India did not make it to the top 15 and instead, Vietnam took over. Hmm. Rigged much? And Japan got through top 15 but failed to make it to the top 10. She had really nice set of buns, no doubt but she walks like a man. OUCH. But I like her lips. Very Angelina Jolie-ish. SEXAY.

El Salvador won Miss Congeniality while Miss Thailand won National Costume. Singapore, as usual, wins NOTHING. When will we ever win? Sigh. OH. Miss USA slipped again. Last year, they did and now, this year, it happened again. But on both occassions, they stood up gracefully so still not bad.

Here is a video to contrast their falls.

The final results were as follows:

Miss Universe - Venezuela
1st Runner Up - Colombia
2nd Runner Up - Dominican Republic
3rd Runner Up - Russia
4th Runner Up - Mexico

I was rooting for Colombia to win though. She was so damn hot!

And oh, being the accountant that I am, Ernst and Young tabulated the results. Wootness!

Here's a picture of the winner!

Miss Universe 2008 (Venezuela) - Dayana Mendoza

Miss Japan - Hiroko Mima

Miss Spain - Edie Britt Claudia Moro
She honestly reminded me of Nicolette Sheridan who acted as Edit Britt. Watch her and you will understand why.

For more information on other delegates, head here.

Alright, gotta get ready for school now! Talk to you guys later!

Explains why I need 8 more lives.
{9:00 AM}

I never liked CATS. Not now, not ever.

First of all, I hated cats since young cause they caused me to have a phobia. I tried making friends with them but apparently, they don't like doing so. Hence, I gave up. Then in poly, we had Creative Applied & Thinking Skills (CATS) and I failed to get my A for it. So, in short, no cats in my life.

I'm not gonna blog what happened but I will post a conversation with Charles earlier in the morning.

(8:47 AM) insignificant ot: i got the scare of my life today.
Session Start: Monday, July 14, 2008
(8:47 AM) Winner, winner,: haha..
(8:47 AM) Winner, winner,: what happened?
(8:47 AM) insignificant ot: CATS.
(8:48 AM) insignificant ot: my sister in the morning was shouting her lungs off.
(8:48 AM) insignificant ot: and i thought she was PMSing or something.
(8:48 AM) Winner, winner,: as in pussy or the horrible module?
(8:48 AM) insignificant ot: and then my mom started shouting my name.
(8:48 AM) insignificant ot: apparently, when my sister opened the door today.
(8:48 AM) insignificant ot: a group of cats were outside our house.
(8:48 AM) insignificant ot: presumably hungry.
(8:48 AM) insignificant ot: when my sister opened the door.
(8:48 AM) insignificant ot: they were attacking her
(8:49 AM) insignificant ot: so she closed the door.
(8:49 AM) insignificant ot: but she couldn't keep it shut.
(8:49 AM) insignificant ot: and she wondered why.
(8:49 AM) insignificant ot: so i figured the cat might be stucked there.
(8:49 AM) insignificant ot: after a while, around ten minutes.
(8:49 AM) insignificant ot: i realised that its tail was trapped between the doors.
(8:49 AM) insignificant ot: the one where the hinges where.
(8:49 AM) Winner, winner,: ouch!
(8:49 AM) insignificant ot: and the thing is.
(8:49 AM) Winner, winner,: what a start to the week eh?
(8:50 AM) insignificant ot: it's at the top half of the door.
(8:50 AM) Winner, winner,: what?!
(8:50 AM) insignificant ot: it was really disturbing.
(8:50 AM) insignificant ot: so
(8:50 AM) Winner, winner,: how'd it get up there?
(8:50 AM) insignificant ot: my neighbour went to see.
(8:50 AM) insignificant ot: railing i think.
(8:50 AM) insignificant ot: and she said that the cat looked demonic.
(8:50 AM) insignificant ot: it was fucking scary.
(8:50 AM) insignificant ot: and this is the timing i go to school at.
(8:52 AM) Winner, winner,: scary dude.
(8:53 AM) insignificant ot: i know/
(8:53 AM) insignificant ot: i'm never lucky with cats.
(8:53 AM) insignificant ot: in whatever nature it is.
(8:53 AM) insignificant ot: on top of it.
(8:53 AM) insignificant ot: i'm cranky and tired.
(8:54 AM) insignificant ot: and i can't sleep now cause miss universe is happening soon.
(8:54 AM) Winner, winner,: haha..
(8:54 AM) Winner, winner,: tough life eh?
(8:55 AM) insignificant ot: I KNOW.
(8:55 AM) insignificant ot: i'm gonna copy and paste this on my blog now.
(8:56 AM) Winner, winner,: haha..
(8:56 AM) Winner, winner,: enjoy!

So, that in short, describes my morning. Really. I think that my life very happening now leh. Early in the morning already enough to write up a post. Later how? I'm really scared that these cats will come back again.

You know the worst part is?

These cats are like mat reps. They loiter around. No homes and such. And I definitely can't win them cause they have nine lives while I only have one.

You tell me what to do. I'm scared shit now.

OH, update you later about life. Watching Miss Universe now. DAYUM!

[A Maths + Competition + Pushing Daisies] - [Rest + Sleep]= Tired Syahid
{3:27 AM}

Phew! What a Sunday it has been.

I was configuring this blog till like 4am and ended up waking up at around noon. OMG. That's like just enough. 8 hours of sleep. Lucky bitch, aren't I?

Anyhow, today was pretty productive I must say. Was supposed to meet up XiaoXin at around 1pm and we both were late so we ended up meeting at 2 instead. But... he was late for 15 minutes! Tsk tsk. But nehmind. I forgive. Went to Starbucks at Civic Centre. Studied till around 4 plus when I then logged into my MSN.

Guess what?!!!

I forgot that Hafiz was gonna teach me A Maths today as well. I thought he wasn't coming cause he didn't confirmed anything. So, I feel horribly sorry for what I did.

(4:26 PM) . : PiSiaNTeS :: hoi! [hoi!]
(4:26 PM) . : PiSiaNTeS :: mana lu! [where are you?]
(4:26 PM) . : PiSiaNTeS :: aku dah sampai civic la deng [i already reached civic lah "deng"

Yes, the ones in brackets are the translations. And I dunno what deng meant. It's not malay by the way.

And he was there since noon. OMG. So, I asked him to join us. He did at 5 but our humble abode was not enough. So, we waited till the next group of people beside us went off before we had a lot of space. XiaoXin stayed until 7 and then gave up. I sucked as a student as well as a tutor in microeconomics cause he said he couldn't understand! So sorry!

So, Hafiz was CS-ing before he taught me A MATHS. Well, I guessed I tested both their patience today with my slowness. But at the end of the day, I assure you that I did learn something. Well, I think I did so it wasn't that bad.

Sigh. Why did the universities require us to take A Maths and put it as a prerequisite? It's so dumb. AAAH. To get an education in Singapore is so damn hard. We are all so stressed out and it's no fun at all. POLY life is so torturous. Le Sigh.

Oh well, like Hafiz said, "Senang je! Chicken Feet" (So damn easy! Chicken Feet).

Finished revision at 10 and then headed home. OH. I feel VERY bad that he didn't manage to get his dinner cause mom would kill me if I ate out. He wanted to belanja okay? But I refused. In the end, all he ate was a McChicken and a Big Gulp. And I left him alone cause I had to rush home for Pushing Daisies. Luckily I made it on time. The moment I switched on my tv, it just started. Thank heavens!

In the meantime, pictures from today!

yours truly.


Xiaoxin and me!

Hafiz CS-ing!


Hafiz patiently teaching me!

Anyhow, you are probably wondering why I am still typing this at 3 plus AM and not sleeping? Cause I just ended my discussion with my team mates for the SIM competition. It's not as easy as I taught so yeah. But it was fun. I really hope we can really kick ass in this competition. I wanna go Hongkong Disneyland and have a lot of fun enjoying myself to gain exposure/experience in this game. So, God, please bless our team.

Alright now, I got to sleep cause I wanna catch Ms Universe later at 9am and then proceed to school after that. Toodles people.

AND OH! Please fill up the survey at the right. Thanks!

PS: Changed my song. Supposedly the new one from Girlicious, "Leftovers." <3

Sunday, July 13, 2008
In times of boredom.
{11:57 AM}

Alright. Always felt like life is such a bore and you desperately needed to do something? Fret not. A person like me feels the same way like you do. Being the good Samaritan that I am, here are some of the links that you may find useful in the event where you find that life no longer serves any purposes for you.

Heard of Facebook? (I can hear people already saying "DUH!") So, here it goes.

You can play with a lot of the applications there but I personally like NATIONS.

Basically what you do is that you create your own nation, and then every day (depending on how often you want to set it to) an issue (problems!) will be displayed and a few solutions will be proposed to you. What you need to do is just make your decision.

These decisions will basically decide how several factors in your nation will be. Like how much your wealth will grow, how many population will increase and several other things. Sounds fun right? So, go join it now. You won't regret it. I blame Charles for getting me indulged in that.

Next up is, VIWAWA!

There are nine games to play from there; with Sushido and Big 2.5 as my favorites. Definitely check it out.

If you don't like all those but like penning down your thoughts, join a forum. Yes, I have a forum (though it's kinda dead now) over here!

All you have to do is register and post away!

Or if you like watch shows but they are always not available in Singapore, head over to SideReel. I personally love this website. I can totally indulge in my Pushing Daisies. Woot!

Personally, I used to have a lot of websites that I go to. But these are the current ones that I visit. So, check them out. Or if you ever need a good read, here's the place. Like duh, right?

AND OOOOOH. Side note. Ngee Ann People, or anyone in general. IF you have any events to showcase and want me to promote it, just email me or something. I can add you at the right side of my blog. :)

And, over at my Wordpress account, here are currently the stats.

Top ten readers.

Referrer Views 19 12 11 8 7 7 5 5 3 3

And these are the top ten links that were clicked by my readers.

URL Clicks 13 10 8 8 7 6 5 4 3 3

For the past one week leh. That's really not too bad.

Well, I really should be getting ready now. Got to go meet XiaoXin for A Maths tuition. Toodles now!

PS: Alright. You see the links side on the right? What I am going to do is that I am going to separate them into two. There will be the Clique and the Hi Society. The Clique will comprised of the top ten blogs that activately participates in my blog; tagging, commenting and reading etc. I won't be deciding who will be in the Clique as yet until the end of July. And every month, this will change depending on activity. So, yeah.

What are you waiting now? Comment and tag now! :)

I was definitely word pressed. :D
{2:23 AM}


The reason why I moved is because Wordpress was getting boring for me. Sure, it does all the work for me but it didn't give the flexibility that blogspot does. So, here's the new home.

And yes, I would have to move all the posts over here so yeah, please feel free to comment and tag as and when.

In the meantime, I just signed up with NuffNang! So, go and help me fill up those surveys and whatnot alright?

XOXO. Don't you just love this new skin? <3

PS: Update all your links everyone!

Saturday, July 12, 2008
you want a piece of me?
{10:31 PM}

Hello faithful readers.

Like OMG. These past few days, the hits have been going up, UP and UPPPPP. Insane. But it's all good. The more you view, the more I will post. :)

Anyhow, today went for the SIM Competition briefing. Headed there with Salleh and then met up with Shannon, Jean and Estella at Woodlands. Guess what? I came on time! Yes. 5:25 we (as in our team!) were supposed to meet and I did just that! Joey was already there. Charles took a cab cause he was late. And yes, he dressed up like my father cause he had to go for some wedding shit. AH SOH was also late cause she came from church - which was all the way from Eunos. So, yeah. Damn proud of myself. In all, the briefing was alright. We had fun discussing strategies. OMG. I feel like I can be a damn good businessman already luh. On top of that, the food was awesome. I finished like a lot of sandwiches. Aiya, those small ones. With cheese in it! Yummy. So yeah. I ate around 12 pieces.

After briefing was done, Charles headed off to the wedding dinner while I, Salleh, Ah Soh and Joey went to Al-Ameen for dinner! HAHA. It was really fun chatting with them. It was insanely hilarious. And OH, we talked about Uni. All four of us! It was a scary thought though. I wouldn't even dare to talk about it now. I guess we will shall see what happens in the future.

It's like only 11pm now and I'm already feeling so sleepy. How? HOW? Tutorials still left untouched and I need to study for my AMATHS. NEHMIND. Got tutor to teach me? Who? Don't want to tell you leh. HAHA.

Anyways, you should read SUSU's blog. Her entries are always so funny and check out the video. Lesbianism alert! WOOOOOHOOO.

Alright then folks. I shall head to bed. I'm super dead beat. Toodles!

Stalkers have bad taste!
{10:28 AM}

Sue was telling us over MSN the other day (Thursday) that she had received phone calls from someone who asked her for sex. Thing is, she couldn’t even identify the race of the caller. When asked, she said it was chinese, then perhaps malay. The funny part is that she wasn’t even sure if it was a man or a woman calling her. All she knew (well, considering her IQ level) was that the person was in his/her late twenties. I was like WHAT? You can identify the age that comes with voice yet not know about the ethnicity nor gender? TSK TSK.

That’s why there can only be one SURAINI. LOL. Yes, not Suriani.

These was the details given by her.

DATE: 11 July 2008
TIME: Between 10pm to 11am
NUMBER OF CALLER: 81693462 (Pervert)

Oh yes, she called this person a pervert, which was a good thing cause of the adrogyneous nature of the caller. However, one thing puzzles me. WHY SUE? There are so many other HOTter people out there. Like really. And that includes yours truly of course.

Why oh why, stalkers of the world? Are you all so deprived as to torture our lovely Sue? Or do you not have contacts of the beautiful people? Come on, you all can do better. Leave Sue alone. You will regret it if you see her in real life.

Saying that, it was fun going to school with Sue in the morning cause people will check us out and apparently, Sue said that they were looking at her. Wait, make that initially. Cause we all know for sure who’s the hottie and who’s the nottie heh?

OH. And my FIT tutor said that I looked like I was from Mass Comm. Like really? That kept Sue quiet for a while cause she said I never looked anything like a Mass Comm student. HAHA. AMBIK LU!

Alright, on a good note, stalkers, please make your picks wisely. Cause if it’s SUE, then SUDAH LAH! TAK PAYAH.


Two hours of lectures and....
{1:12 AM}

What happens when it’s friday and I go home with Sue?

Camwhoring. Pictures will be uploaded soon!

Anyhow, I caught House for the first time today and I absolutely loved it. It’s freaktastic. And Ghost Whisperer as usual rocked. Oh god. After many days of waking up early, I thought the weekends were for sleeping. Alas, I have to follow my mom to the market later.


OH. And to Big S. I really hope you are feeling better. If you ever need a listening here, I’m always here for you. Cheer up bro!

Alright then, I’m gonna go to sleep now.

PS: 30 days to A MATHS EXAMS! Annnndddd 33 more days till the start of my official exams! NOT ENOUGH TIME ALREADY. SHOO Projects. Shoo Lectures! Shoo Tutorials. Let me start mugging. August hurry come by!

Friday, July 11, 2008
{11:43 PM}

Received this in the email and I thought I would do a favour for MR CHUA KIE WU. So, if you love me, do these surveys alright?


I’m Kie Wu. Okay, this is for one of my projects that i have. I need
all of you all to do 2 surveys okay. both are on the same topic.

there’s a total of 18 simple questions. I swear, they are simple. Most
of them are multiple choices question. So yeah. The links are below. So if
you’re wondering what topic is my survey on? The topic is: Are singaporeans too

It’s not those damn boring topics you receive in the emails right. So
please, attempt the survey and if you could, pass it on to your friends! &
if you need me to complete any survey for you, i’d be MORE than happy to do so
okay. It’ll only take a very very veh short time to do okay. :D

Thanks, and many well regards,
11th July 2008.

The links for the survey:

Link 1: CLICK

Link 2: CLICK
ME! :D:D

PS: I know I was supposed to email but no one would even reply so I’m using the power of the masses to do this.

do you need me now?
{11:27 PM}

Life is as such.

There are times you make use of people and vice versa.

I already gave up fighting trying to reason out why it happens.


Short Day.
{11:12 AM}

What’s the plan for today? Nothing much I guess.

I got awoken by my mom at 10. Just when I wanted my 10 hours of beauty sleep. Not cool mom, not cool at all. Now, I have to get breakfast so yeah.

Then it’s lectures from 2-4 and finally, home sweet home.

I have been getting a few phone calls these days about my decision and some say they were not shocked at all by it.

One thing that I got to say is, “if your heart’s not in it, then it’s better to pack up and leave it all behind.”

AND OH. I miss weilian because…

*quoting from him*

he is very handsome.
he is very cute.
that’s all.

Thursday, July 10, 2008
have you ever
{11:45 PM}

ever wondered how much i missed you?

i bet you don’t. for you are already contented with your life, and your friends.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008
These days go on and on…
{12:42 AM}


Sorry for not blogging these past few days. I was busy catching up with life. LOL. Here’s a summary thus far. On Monday, as mentioned in a few posts behind, I was out with Joel on a movie date since there were no I&E class.

Tuesday was a short day for me. Ended class at 1. Was supposed to do project with the girls but when we showed our project to our tutor, she said it was good to go. So, being the lazy bones that we are, we decided to head home after that. So, I, Sue and Sharul went to Causeway Point’s Banquet for lunch (as Sharul was waiting for her bf to finish watching a movie). After that, Sharul went to meet her bf at Tampines. Me and Sue went arcade and played DDR. OMG. She was pretty good. No failures. After that, we played Jurassic Park. Sue left me alone to get killed. Tsk tsk. HAHA. After that was done, we went shopping; window shopping to be exact. ANNNND then headed home.

Today, nothing much happened. Finished class at 4 and then went to meet up with “The Monopoly” for the SIM Competition thingy. It certainly looked fun and we have some strategy up our sleeves. And then at 5, went for the NAQ debrief. Went back with Salleh and Dennis today. As usual, we had our HUAYU talks and I was playing boob catching with Salleh. I think I managed to squeeze his titties for more than 20 times. LOL. FUN.

Now, I’m at home chilling. Gotta read up on business letter writing letter. Got an assessment tomorrow. WISH ME LUCK.

AND OH. In case, you all are wondering, I quitted Envoys exco. Many of you were asking why I wasn’t present for the dry run on Tuesday and why I wasn’t there for envoys meetings. There are many reasons as to why I did so and if you read a few posts behind, you would prolly get the reason. I just lost it. So yeah. Brown Neh Nehs, I still love you okay?

Shucks. Weekends’ gonna be spent on FIT project as well as revision for AMATS. I’m like so dead cause test is due on next week. Anyone willing to tutor me? I will be eternally grateful.

Anyhow, I’m lazy to blog further so till then people!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008
strange relationship.
{11:34 PM}

Do you love me?
Or am I just another trip in this strange relationship?
You push and pull me
and I’m about to loose my mind
Is this just a waste of time
keep acting like you own me
I keep running, watch me walking out that door
I hear you behind me

Gimme that strange relationship
Never felt pleasure and pain like this
Something so right but it feels so terribly wrong
I keep holding on
Gimme that strange relationship
One of us gotta let go of this
I keep pushing and you keep holding on
I’m already gone

Do you love me?
We break up and back together
And I swore to myself never
Oh how you do me
You strip me of my honor
And I don’t ever think I’m gonna
Break free of these mind games
All I’m trying to do is modify my plan
‘Cause I can’t contain you

Gimme that strange relationship
Never felt pleasure and pain like this
Something so right but it feels so terribly wrong
I keep holding on
Gimme that strange relationship
One of us gotta let go of this
I keep pushing and you keep holding on
I’m already gone

You keep acting like you own me
I can’t control me
You said you never really wanted me back
Well maybe if that’s a fact
May I suggest
A brand new plan of attack
And in the fizzle that you’re hard to crack
You’re way off track
I want you back, I want you gone
Maybe I’m sick of holding on

Do you love me?
Or am I just another trip in this strange relationship?

Gimme that strange relationship
Never felt pleasure and pain like this
Something so right but it feels so terribly wrong
I keep holding on
Gimme that strange relationship
One of us gotta let go of this
I keep pushing and you keep holding on
I’m already gone

Monday, July 7, 2008
goodbye to you.
{11:35 PM}

There’s nothing I can say to you
Nothing I could ever do to make you see
What you mean to me
All the pain the tears they cry
Still you never said goodbye and now I know how far you’d go

when you feel like that some one no longer cares, it’s best to let them go.

If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don’t, they never were.
~ Kahlil Gibran

You make me so hot.
{9:35 PM}

The past few entries were nothing but just fillers I suppose. I really lack the muse to blog and hence, I sincerely hope that those fillers made up for something. Better than nothing right?

Anyhow, to my Fexcos, I’m really sorry for making that decision and I’m glad you guys are there to support it. It really meant a lot to me. For those who are still not in the loop, I shall explain it to you one day. I promise.

Alright, last Saturday, I met up with the famous five. It was supposed to be six but Peah couldn’t make it. All I have to say is that the Singapore Flyer wasn’t as good as it sounded. It was totally a waste of money. Like for real. IMO, the company that you have is more than enough because the one thing that kept me sane was the fact that we were camwhoring. I will post up pictures once I get them. If you don’t know, Dessy lives in the kampong so it’s hard to get the pictures from her. But the girls were totally dressed up. Dessy was dressed like Rihanna and Shandi wore a dress! WOW. LOL. But as usual, the guys still outshined them.

After Singapore Flyer, we were famished and ate at Popeyes. Honestly, I missed that place. The food there is awesome and as usual, we can’t finish all the food. Coming from me, that’s very bad. So yeah. With that, we headed home and yes, I got lectured by mom as usual for coming home late. Sigh.

Today, I was roaring to go for IS class only to be told by Joel that there were NO classes today. So, we decided to still go out and catch a movie. Ended up watching Wanted and Get Smart. I prefer the former better cause I think both Jolie and McAvoy was HOT. It was effing sizzling hot. Get Smart was alright. BUT MEH. After that, Joel headed for water polo while I headed home. AND OH. JOEL. He was eating Ramly burger and then all the chili sauce dripped on his shirt. RED STAINS all over. Like he was having his period. But he still insisted on going for his water polo. Tsk tsk.

There’s a new Chinese 8 show at 9pm. And guess what? One of the guy’s name is Shay and he’s played by MARK ZEE. LAWL. OMG.

Anyways, as you can tell, I can’t multitask well. So, till then.