Thursday, October 30, 2008
Food Fools. LOL.
{8:59 PM}

Holla readers!

Basically, in a blink of an eye, the weekend is here once again. It's already Friday tomorrow and we are into our third week of school already. How fast is that? This is freaking insane.

Anyhow, in short, Monday was Deepavali and it was awesome spending time with my IS group mates - Sue, Meiqi, Beckie and Fiona + Salleh who decided to come down, for the game of bowling. That was done in conjuction with our IS experiment. I think we had too much fun that we ended up not doing any observation. Bummer. LOL.

On tuesday, I had my econs lesson because of the NUS visit on Wednesday and I didn't want to do it on thursday.

Then, yesterday, headed down to NUS with a few of my classmates and other BA school people to see what NUS is all about. I must say that heading there, I had nothing much planned for but at the end of the day, I think I probably am considering some options. At this point of time, I really dunno what I want to do and what to choose but I guess we will take it a step at a time right?


At the end of the thing, we had like a reception or something. There were sushi, sambosa, chocolate eclair and many other things. Everyone was hungry and all so we were hurrying to eat but SOMEONE was definitely stucked in the life of poverty. Introducing SHARUL BAHRIAH, who ate three plates of food. We were listening on as she listed down all the food she ate and thus, no more MEGATITSBITES. Initially, she wanted to eat there cause she said the food was cheap but I guess she already had her fill at the reception.

Me? I only ate five pieces. No kidding. Sharul ate more than twenty, I think. Lol.

Today, nothing much. Had a very short day. Finished school at 1, had dinner with clique and headed home. Slept all the way till 8. Still tiring but I guess I could use more sleep.

Anyways, I'm gonna catch up with my tv so till laters!

Monday, October 27, 2008
Hana Kimi
{8:37 PM}

If you have been wondering what I have been up to, I've been catching up on my current addiction of J-pop dramas. Yes, long weekend what? So, I decided to catch "Hana Kimi" upon the recommendation of a few of my friends. I know there's the taiwan version as well but let me take a step a take time alright?

Dunno what that show is all about? Let me fill you in.

Hana-Kimi centers around Mizuki Ashiya, a Japanese girl who lives in the United States. One day, she sees a track and field competition on TV, and becomes attracted to one of the high jump competitors, Izumi Sano. She begins to idolize the young athlete and eventually transfers to Japan to attend the same school that Sano attends.

There is a catch, however: Sano attends an all-boys high school, named Osaka Gakuen, and Mizuki must disguise herself as a boy to enter. The majority of the series happens during Mizuki's second year at Osaka (from volume 4 onwards), although her first year was significant for her being able to remain in Osaka.

I managed to finish this in two days! Clap okay? Cause I slept only at 7am to finish off all the episodes.

Next up, Hana Yori Dango! :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008
I'm borned a free loader!
{11:33 PM}

Today was pretty alright.

My nephew came by today, and I got conned. Apparently, he rang the bell, showed up in the macdonalds' rider attire and said someone ordered something. Just imagine it. I had just woke up and I can get real blur at that time. So, I went to get my sister, when he shouted his name.


Like honestly, how could I not see who that person was?

Anyhow, he came by cause he wanted to use our toilet for his big business. LOL. And I remarked how come he didn't bring anything for me. After he went off, he said he would come back.

And so he did. He also brought back apple pie, mc chicken and also medium coke. Good right? But I just ate two roti prata egg. DAMN FULL.

Also, today checked the mailbox and received my third Director's List. WOOOOPIE! I thought I couldn't get it all cause I only did four cores but to my surprise, it came true. God bless!

In short, that's my day.

And no, I haven't forget the raya post. But for now, there's no muse at all. So laters!

Friday, October 24, 2008
Bowled Over.
{8:11 PM}

*sings* Womanizer, woman-womanizer!

I'm sooooo in love with this song, it's totally insane. Trust me. Everyone around me has got addicted to this song (and probably got bored of it!) but you can't help it right? It's damn addictive.

Anyhow,I owe an entry about the clique outing. Yes, we managed to have a clique outing before the school opened and finally, it was full strength despite the fact that Charles couldn't join us in the earlier part of the outing. Bummer. Mr Busy, what to do?

We (Myself, Salleh, Sue, Charlyn) started off with lunch at the coffeeshop. Yes. It was meant to be a budget trip hence the choice. After that, we met up with Sharul to proceed to Orchid Country Club at Yishun. That place is damn good I tell you. Before 6pm, 1 game is only $2.70. Cheap cheap!

Soon, Iz (Sharul's bf) came to join us. We heard he was a pro and Salleh was pretty flustered at that thought.

Soon, 6 games passed by.

The awards were as follows:

Highest Score

1st - Salleh(160 points)
2nd - Iz (148 points)
3rd - Iz (145 points)

Lowest Score

1st - Charlyn (35 points)
2nd - Charlyn (40 points)
3rd - Sue (42 points)

Most Strikes

1st - Salleh (12)
2nd - Syahid (7)
3rd - Iz (6)

Most Spares

1st - Syahid (13)
2nd - Salleh/Iz (8)
3rd - Rhea (7)

Most Splits

1st - Salleh (5)
2nd - Sue/Char (4)
3rd - Rhea (3)

Most Longkang (Gutter)

1st - Char (9)
2nd - Sue (4)
3rd - Rhea (1)

Now, for the individual stats.


Highest - 78 points
Lowest - 42 points
Average - 62 points


Highest - 103 points
Lowest - 63 points
Average - 86 points


Highest - 78 points
Lowest - 35 points
Average - 57 points


Highest - 134 points
Lowest - 94 points
Average - 112 points


Highest - 160 points
Lowest - 76 points
Average - 120 points


Highest - 148 points
Lowest - 89 points
Average - 101 points


After we are done bowling, Sue had to go home. Curfew mah.

Then, we met up with Charles. Wanted to go sembawang but the shop was closed so in the end, we asked Charles to meet us at Woodlands Mart cause near to Sue's house. Why there? So that she can join us. Like what right?


Everyone was there. Thanks for making my day and love you all!

UP NEXT: Raya Outing. :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008
The Right Path?
{2:22 AM}

It's only one week before school starts and I must admit, majority would say that they hate this fact. As for me, I'm on the other side of the fence. I want school to start. Most of you probably would go, "Are you crazy?", "Mugger!", "Retard!" and all but I really miss the times I spent in school.

Results were out around three weeks ago and no, I did not get my 4.0. I was pretty shocked to hear rumours going around that I got another 4.0 when I clearly did not. It would have been great if it was true, but alas it's not. And don't ask for my grades cause I'm not telling. Not that it's bad though. :D

Every semester proved to be a challenge for me. I was recalling how Charlyn remarked that this semester was my slackest ever and I have to admit that as well. I mean, come on, I was juggling a lot of things back then. There was envoys, ba goal,naq, a maths and my endless projects. It was excruciating to even think about those stuff. I was pretty much loaded so much so that tutors even came up to me asking me to take a break. I guess, that's just my nature though to be involved in everything?

Three more semesters. Halfway through with my poly life. And after this upcoming semester is over, I will be in year three. Trust me, I really haven't planned out what I wanted to do after this. In all honesty. I probably and hopefully would want to head over to uni but to which one and what course, I have the slightest clue ever. Sometimes, I wonder what I want to do in life.

Many have asked why I chose Accountancy. Let me be truthful here. I never liked accounts. Okay, that's pretty much a little lie there. I liked accounts when I could do them and after my results shows satisfying results. However, maybe afterall, the chances of me liking accounts is probably 60%. That's passable right? For people who at this point of thinking that I'm hopeless in accounts, I scored A+ so far for my accounts in poly, which is pretty much a good feat considering the fact that I had to mug my ass off for it.

Some would even commend me for successfully clearing accounts. Some would say that my memorising skills are fantastic. But at the end of the day, I think I deserve some credit, don't I? I am proud to say that coming to poly has made me realize how much I know nuts about accounts and that going through these modules in poly made me understand it; making the interest in accounts grow.

Sometimes, I don't even know where I am heading to. Many have said that being an accountant reaps in benefits cause we are in need of accountants. On the other hand, many have said that accounts and me don't tally. They would rather recommend me a job in the media industry.

Maybe I should.

All my life, I had always wanted to be in Mass Communication. Sadly, my grades were too sucky and hence, that dream crashed. Then, when I flunked my O levels, I chose to go ITE Bishan. Reason being? I didn't want to do engineering in poly and that if I had to go ITE, I had to go to the best course in the best school. And so, I chose bishan.

After two years in Bishan, I headed to NS and reserved a place in Temasek Polytechnic's Law and Management. Along the way, I contemplated on the Mass Comm course at RP and then out of fun, I applied for Accountancy in Ngee Ann. I got in. My first choice. And without thinking much, I dropped my reservation for law and then joined ngee ann. How cool heh? Only cause charles was taking it and the course was one of the top courses in ngee ann and as a matter of the fact, in Singapore as well. I was apprehensive of course, cause I didn't think I would do well in a course I wouldn't like.

After three semesters, I would say that I'm on the right track. However, I keep questioning myself. Am I going the right path? Should I choose another? Am I studying for the sake of studying? Or at the end of the day, would I see the light at the end of the tunnel?

I have no idea. I guess at this point of time, I'm still exploring my options. There's still two more examinable semesters and attachment to go. Hopefully, by then, I would be able to give myself an answer.

(hole) in my pocket.
{2:01 AM}

It's been a long time since I did catching up with friends and I'm terribly sorry if I pangseh-ed anyone along the way. My time management is really terrible. VERY VERY BAD. I think I need to retake Life Management Skills despite scoring AD for it. I must say that I don't really apply what I've learnt to my life. Bad student.

Anyhow, Saturday, I had BA GOAL meeting. It was nice to meet all my loved ones. Been a long time since I met them. Especially when most of them are on attachment. Somehow, next semester, when I head back to school, it won't feel the same anymore cause they are not around. All this time, they were the one who stood by me. I will miss you guys. And it sucks that you all are spending your last semester on attachment. :( Don't forget me after graduation!

After that, went to BBQ for the Shanghai Trip people. Had a lot of fun. Too bad, I had to head home early cause mom's been complaining that I'm never home and on top of that, they went visiting and I was not there. No use also. No money. :D

On Sunday, slacked home. Enuf' said.

Yesterday, had meeting with my groupmates for Shanghai Trip. I was such a glutton cause it's my first out with them and I'm not fasting. So, you guessed it. I ATE A LOT. Damn glutton! After that, left meeting around 5.

Met up with Salleh cause he wanted to alter his pants. I did some cheeeaaaappp shopping. 1 skinny, 2 berms and 1 shirt. And then ate at KFC cause SALLEH was freaking hungry. Like machiam hungry ghost like that. So bo bian. Accompanied him. After that, cabbed back cause he belanja-ed!

Later, heading out again for maybe somemore shopping. Till then, I will see you guys again! Maybe another update soon.


Friday, October 3, 2008
Tiring Raya, not Happy Raya.
{12:49 AM}

Hari Raya was pretty much normal for me; or even too tiring for me to do anything. For the past one week, I have been having very little sleep cause I had to help my mother out with all the preparations and such. And amidst all that, I had a fall out with my sister cause she was breathing down my neck. It really was too eventful, to at least say something.

Two days before raya, I was helping my mom prepare all the meet. Getting rid of the fats and then cutting them up. Then, one day before, me and my sister had to wake up damn early to help her prepare other ingredients and cook.

And finally, on the actually day, we had to serve the guests that came over. Tell me if that's not tiring. Honestly, having less than 5 hours of sleep each day is a torture. On top of that, I had to juggle doing my e-portfolio for the Shanghai trip whenever time permitted me too.

Even watching tv was tiring for me and then going to sleep was hard cause my body was aching so much I couldn't sleep.

In all, I really don't get the celebrations. It's only tiring me out immensely.

Somemore, people are getting stingy.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008
Selamat Hari Raya!
{12:16 AM}

First of all, SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all Muslims out there!

Time pass by so quickly that I can't believe that I have fasted for 25 days (minus 5 days in Shanghai). No more waking up in the mornings! It's really tiring alright. Having to sleep at 12 then waking up at 4 to eat then sleeping again at 6. It's like the body clock works in such a weird manner and I feel more tired than ever. Worst thing was that these past few days, I barely had enough sleep cause I was rushing through my eportfolio.


Cause the next few days no time already. Wed hari raya, thursday working and friday is the deadline for eportfolio and here I am, finetuning it. I will sleep by 1am, I promise. Very tired. Today, the whole day was spent helping my mom cook. As usual.

Sometimes, I don't even know why. It's the same routine over and over again every raya. One day before raya, my family will be so busy preparing food for the first day. It's all because everyone visits here. AARGH! I dunno. This year raya wasn't exciting and I wish I didn't have to celebrate it. I pretty much rather go and hang out with my friends, thank you.

But, alas. I can't. Anyhow, school's starting soon. Next week is last week of holidays. Please let me have memories of the holidays. Cause so far, there aren't any. :(