Thursday, July 24, 2008
All I wanted was to sleep. :(
{10:07 PM}

These few days, I have been very tired so I won't be updating much alright? So sorry. I came late today for class cause I had fever the day before. Thing is, I slept at 10:30pm yesterday and yet, I woke up at 7:45am! OMG. The thing is, I only woke up when Sue messaged me. And, that girl was so happy that she decided to skip bcomm on the whole and that left me all alone. Just because she finished her table topics! MACAM SIAL!

But table topic went fine today. I was so speechless upon receiving the topic. It was such a nerve wrecking moment. But I hope I did well.

Btw, I passed A MATHS! WOOOO. I got 26/40! Thank god!

Anyhow, here's some more of Sue! It was before FIT presentation and she was having phone ________ with her bf!

LOOK AT HER GO! OMG. So funny!

And today, I found my new love, SUSU TAY WEN JIE! That was taken while Ms Cindy was lecturing. Tsk tsk. I am a bad student.

I end it off here. Tired.

Isn't he hot? LOL. I told him I would post this up and so I did. SO HOT. :D