Wednesday, July 16, 2008
The Chronicles of Sue
{2:02 AM}


I came to school only for FIT lesson. See? I so hardworking. Many people would have skipped that already. But I chose to come down. It was fun though. These past few days, I and Sharul have been disturbing Sue non stop! Really. I will post the videos of us disturbing her. There's one with Sharul right now and it's so damn funny. She was supposed to send it to me but she's not online. Tsk tsk.


After that was done, I and Sue headed home. Well, we should have till I suggested going to Gelare cause the waffles are going for half price. So, we headed there and
here are some pictures to describe the whole "date".

After that, we headed to arcade and played DDR again! Also, we decided to play the jamming game and we did quite well as well. I wanna go back again! It was so damn fun that we were both sweating it out as well.

BTW, at the end of the whole thing, SUE OWES me 10 bucks! She said she used up her allowance for this week already and it's only Tuesday. Tsk tsk. Let's see if she eats bread for the rest of the week!

Alright, I'm dead beat and I wanna sleep. But before I do that, here's something special from SUE to YOU!

Till then,
You know you love me,
bitch on the roll.