Saturday, July 26, 2008
Completely toasted!
{10:09 PM}

I should really learn to treasure my weekends. My sleep of course. I honestly thought I could lavish in more than 12 hours sleep but yet, I can't do it. Yesterday, I spent the the night watching movies online. That is sad, cause I have no time to watch it in the theatres. After all was said and done, I slept close to 5am.

Today, I woke up at around 12 plus. I was actually awoken by Charlyn's call. She couldn't make it for our study session. I met up with Suxin though at around 3 plus and studied FIT. She studied stats. Studied at Starbucks Civic till around 6 plus before we headed to Yakun Kaya Toast. Been a while since I went there. It still tasted awesome.

After that, headed home, watched the Mummy and now, watching Troy. After Troy, I'm prolly gonna do some FIT again. I honestly am lagging behind. TSK TSK. So dead right? But never mind, I will chiong.

What's the plan for tomorrow? No idea. I shall decide when it comes.

With that, I shall end today's post. See ya!

OOH. Suxin recommended Fated to Love You. Might watch that if I end up giving up on studying. :)


Last week, I forgot to post my top referrers. Sorry about that. This is last week's top referrers. This week's one will be done tomorrow! These are the top ten. 77 16 10 6 3 3 3 2 2 2