Thursday, July 17, 2008
I hope you still love me. XOXO.
{8:29 PM}

Pardon me for not blogging yesterday. I was extremely dead beat. On top of that, I think I am falling in love sick as well. :(

Anyways, I kinda knew I wasn't gonna blog yesterday so I saved a draft message on my hp. Some of the highlights of the day were:

- SUE still owes me 10 bucks!
- She abused my laptop by typing really hard.
- She is not local [cause some surveyor said that! of course, i brought my maid to school!]
- And oh, I was so hungry, I ate her bread [filled with jam and butter]
- And she brought bread cause she already used up her allowance.
- Which explains why she still owes me 10 bucks! SIGH.

Anyhow, look at the following video. We already found out who Sue's stalker was. LIKE FINALLY!

Actually, I was kidding. I WAS NOT THE STALKER! He's still at large but he hasn't been calling her. Maybe he read my blog and realised how ugly she is. Good choice stalker! She's so not worth your time. DUH!

Today, nothing much happened. Headed to school for eportfolio assessment and I think I did okay. Nothing impressive. Quite disappointed in myself as well. After that, had audit lecture and skipped home after that. Hmm, now, I'm still taking a break. At ten later, gotta attempt a maths! I'm still not prepared for saturday. :(

God, please help me.

your blessed being.