Tuesday, July 15, 2008
I'm finally FIT!
{12:46 AM}


Finally. FIT Part 2 has been submitted. I'm pretty much a happy person. AND OH, JOEL TANG WEI LIANG, if you are reading this, you owe me _______. That's for saying I&E class was on this week and making me rush to school cause I thought I was late. In the end, you were at home and you said no class! Make me so pek chek!

Anyhow, it was nice catching with Illias and Gifford today and having lunch at SIM. AND OH. How we tried to test if the SIM wireless connection was working well or not. Reminds me why time spent with them is worth remisnicing for. I still love the both of you alright? XOXO. I know things have changed now but our friendship will hopefully stay strong. And yes, let's bring BA GOAL to the next semester. Woot! Which reminds me that the actual thing is happening next month, after the exams.

After lunch, headed over to Ourspace to meet up with SIM team. Results were out and let's say that the results were very disappointing. Not a good start at all. Good luck to everyone else there cause I'm afraid we might not get it afterall. But it was an awesome experience and I love all my members. Well, at least when they are working their brains out cause my brains are totally fried! YES. Fried. Headed home at around 7 after that.

Reached home, watched So You Think You Can Dance and followed by Beach Ball Babes. Awesome! After that, had the SIM discussion again and it just ended after almost two hours of discussion. The game itself is fun! But it killed a lot of my brain cells. Sucky.

Anyhow, Sue, Sharul and myself took pictures when we submitted our project. I will post it up when both of them has sent me those pictures. Till then, I have to bid you all good night cause I'm super tired and I need to sleep.





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