Monday, July 14, 2008
[A Maths + Competition + Pushing Daisies] - [Rest + Sleep]= Tired Syahid
{3:27 AM}

Phew! What a Sunday it has been.

I was configuring this blog till like 4am and ended up waking up at around noon. OMG. That's like just enough. 8 hours of sleep. Lucky bitch, aren't I?

Anyhow, today was pretty productive I must say. Was supposed to meet up XiaoXin at around 1pm and we both were late so we ended up meeting at 2 instead. But... he was late for 15 minutes! Tsk tsk. But nehmind. I forgive. Went to Starbucks at Civic Centre. Studied till around 4 plus when I then logged into my MSN.

Guess what?!!!

I forgot that Hafiz was gonna teach me A Maths today as well. I thought he wasn't coming cause he didn't confirmed anything. So, I feel horribly sorry for what I did.

(4:26 PM) . : PiSiaNTeS :: hoi! [hoi!]
(4:26 PM) . : PiSiaNTeS :: mana lu! [where are you?]
(4:26 PM) . : PiSiaNTeS :: aku dah sampai civic la deng [i already reached civic lah "deng"

Yes, the ones in brackets are the translations. And I dunno what deng meant. It's not malay by the way.

And he was there since noon. OMG. So, I asked him to join us. He did at 5 but our humble abode was not enough. So, we waited till the next group of people beside us went off before we had a lot of space. XiaoXin stayed until 7 and then gave up. I sucked as a student as well as a tutor in microeconomics cause he said he couldn't understand! So sorry!

So, Hafiz was CS-ing before he taught me A MATHS. Well, I guessed I tested both their patience today with my slowness. But at the end of the day, I assure you that I did learn something. Well, I think I did so it wasn't that bad.

Sigh. Why did the universities require us to take A Maths and put it as a prerequisite? It's so dumb. AAAH. To get an education in Singapore is so damn hard. We are all so stressed out and it's no fun at all. POLY life is so torturous. Le Sigh.

Oh well, like Hafiz said, "Senang je! Chicken Feet" (So damn easy! Chicken Feet).

Finished revision at 10 and then headed home. OH. I feel VERY bad that he didn't manage to get his dinner cause mom would kill me if I ate out. He wanted to belanja okay? But I refused. In the end, all he ate was a McChicken and a Big Gulp. And I left him alone cause I had to rush home for Pushing Daisies. Luckily I made it on time. The moment I switched on my tv, it just started. Thank heavens!

In the meantime, pictures from today!

yours truly.


Xiaoxin and me!

Hafiz CS-ing!


Hafiz patiently teaching me!

Anyhow, you are probably wondering why I am still typing this at 3 plus AM and not sleeping? Cause I just ended my discussion with my team mates for the SIM competition. It's not as easy as I taught so yeah. But it was fun. I really hope we can really kick ass in this competition. I wanna go Hongkong Disneyland and have a lot of fun enjoying myself to gain exposure/experience in this game. So, God, please bless our team.

Alright now, I got to sleep cause I wanna catch Ms Universe later at 9am and then proceed to school after that. Toodles people.

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PS: Changed my song. Supposedly the new one from Girlicious, "Leftovers." <3