Monday, July 14, 2008
Miss Universe 2008
{10:55 AM}

OOOOH. Hotness.

Miss Universe just ended and I must say, that two hours is simply short. And honestly, I don't like the way they narrowed down the delegates. From 80 to 15 to 10 and then the final five. I missed the times where they had the top ten, then judged them based on swimwear, evening gown as well as a short Q&A. It seems much more fairer in that way.

What a shocker. India did not make it to the top 15 and instead, Vietnam took over. Hmm. Rigged much? And Japan got through top 15 but failed to make it to the top 10. She had really nice set of buns, no doubt but she walks like a man. OUCH. But I like her lips. Very Angelina Jolie-ish. SEXAY.

El Salvador won Miss Congeniality while Miss Thailand won National Costume. Singapore, as usual, wins NOTHING. When will we ever win? Sigh. OH. Miss USA slipped again. Last year, they did and now, this year, it happened again. But on both occassions, they stood up gracefully so still not bad.

Here is a video to contrast their falls.

The final results were as follows:

Miss Universe - Venezuela
1st Runner Up - Colombia
2nd Runner Up - Dominican Republic
3rd Runner Up - Russia
4th Runner Up - Mexico

I was rooting for Colombia to win though. She was so damn hot!

And oh, being the accountant that I am, Ernst and Young tabulated the results. Wootness!

Here's a picture of the winner!

Miss Universe 2008 (Venezuela) - Dayana Mendoza

Miss Japan - Hiroko Mima

Miss Spain - Edie Britt Claudia Moro
She honestly reminded me of Nicolette Sheridan who acted as Edit Britt. Watch her and you will understand why.

For more information on other delegates, head here.

Alright, gotta get ready for school now! Talk to you guys later!