Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Money well spent.
{7:22 PM}

This is bad. I promised to start on my revision on last Saturday but up till now, I have not done anything productive. Take today for example. I was supposed to come home and revise on my A Maths, but I ended up sleeping. I didn't even manage to watch my Tong Xing Yuan. Tsk tsk. I only woke up in time for the 7 pm show and then take my dinner.

Anyhow, like I said, I have been procrastinating. Hence, these past few days have been spent going out. On Monday, after I&E was done, I headed to Lot 1 with Joel, Gifford and Charlyn. Joel headed home after joining us for some Cotton On shopping and DDR madness.

Here's a snippet of Gifford playing it. :)

After that, Gifford, Charlyn and of course plus me, headed to watch The Dark Knight. My rating on it? It was alright. Heath Ledger was awesome as the Joker. Like for real. But suffering on my ass for two and a half hours was too much. The funny thing was that all the three of us came prepared as if we were stucked in some refuge camp. Nutrisoy, McVities, bags of chips. Lol.

A bunch of fan"girls" before watching the movie.

Then on Tuesday, me and Salleh headed to Gelare Causeway Point. It's waffles half price day! It was Salleh's first time eating it and he was so damn satisfied with it. He even had two scoops of ice cream. After that, we headed to the arcade to play drums and DDR. HAHA. My latest induction to the DDR clan. I've gotten Sue, Charlyn, Gifford and Salleh so far. One day, we should all have a competition on our own.

Today, we had the RFA assessment and for the first time, I kinda felt good about RFA. Indeed, RFA is love. HAHA. After that was Audit Communication. It was a lot of fun being an auditor.

It's almost the end of the semester already. Once exams are over, it's the HOLIDAYS!

Also, these few days, I've been watching my all time favorite boyband, 911 video. It's amazing. Check it out.

911 - Don't Make Me Wait

911 - The Day We Find Love

911 - All I Want Is You

911 - A Little Bit

Hope you liked the songs.