Saturday, July 12, 2008
Stalkers have bad taste!
{10:28 AM}

Sue was telling us over MSN the other day (Thursday) that she had received phone calls from someone who asked her for sex. Thing is, she couldn’t even identify the race of the caller. When asked, she said it was chinese, then perhaps malay. The funny part is that she wasn’t even sure if it was a man or a woman calling her. All she knew (well, considering her IQ level) was that the person was in his/her late twenties. I was like WHAT? You can identify the age that comes with voice yet not know about the ethnicity nor gender? TSK TSK.

That’s why there can only be one SURAINI. LOL. Yes, not Suriani.

These was the details given by her.

DATE: 11 July 2008
TIME: Between 10pm to 11am
NUMBER OF CALLER: 81693462 (Pervert)

Oh yes, she called this person a pervert, which was a good thing cause of the adrogyneous nature of the caller. However, one thing puzzles me. WHY SUE? There are so many other HOTter people out there. Like really. And that includes yours truly of course.

Why oh why, stalkers of the world? Are you all so deprived as to torture our lovely Sue? Or do you not have contacts of the beautiful people? Come on, you all can do better. Leave Sue alone. You will regret it if you see her in real life.

Saying that, it was fun going to school with Sue in the morning cause people will check us out and apparently, Sue said that they were looking at her. Wait, make that initially. Cause we all know for sure who’s the hottie and who’s the nottie heh?

OH. And my FIT tutor said that I looked like I was from Mass Comm. Like really? That kept Sue quiet for a while cause she said I never looked anything like a Mass Comm student. HAHA. AMBIK LU!

Alright, on a good note, stalkers, please make your picks wisely. Cause if it’s SUE, then SUDAH LAH! TAK PAYAH.