Wednesday, July 9, 2008
These days go on and on…
{12:42 AM}


Sorry for not blogging these past few days. I was busy catching up with life. LOL. Here’s a summary thus far. On Monday, as mentioned in a few posts behind, I was out with Joel on a movie date since there were no I&E class.

Tuesday was a short day for me. Ended class at 1. Was supposed to do project with the girls but when we showed our project to our tutor, she said it was good to go. So, being the lazy bones that we are, we decided to head home after that. So, I, Sue and Sharul went to Causeway Point’s Banquet for lunch (as Sharul was waiting for her bf to finish watching a movie). After that, Sharul went to meet her bf at Tampines. Me and Sue went arcade and played DDR. OMG. She was pretty good. No failures. After that, we played Jurassic Park. Sue left me alone to get killed. Tsk tsk. HAHA. After that was done, we went shopping; window shopping to be exact. ANNNND then headed home.

Today, nothing much happened. Finished class at 4 and then went to meet up with “The Monopoly” for the SIM Competition thingy. It certainly looked fun and we have some strategy up our sleeves. And then at 5, went for the NAQ debrief. Went back with Salleh and Dennis today. As usual, we had our HUAYU talks and I was playing boob catching with Salleh. I think I managed to squeeze his titties for more than 20 times. LOL. FUN.

Now, I’m at home chilling. Gotta read up on business letter writing letter. Got an assessment tomorrow. WISH ME LUCK.

AND OH. In case, you all are wondering, I quitted Envoys exco. Many of you were asking why I wasn’t present for the dry run on Tuesday and why I wasn’t there for envoys meetings. There are many reasons as to why I did so and if you read a few posts behind, you would prolly get the reason. I just lost it. So yeah. Brown Neh Nehs, I still love you okay?

Shucks. Weekends’ gonna be spent on FIT project as well as revision for AMATS. I’m like so dead cause test is due on next week. Anyone willing to tutor me? I will be eternally grateful.

Anyhow, I’m lazy to blog further so till then people!