Saturday, July 12, 2008
Two hours of lectures and....
{1:12 AM}

What happens when it’s friday and I go home with Sue?

Camwhoring. Pictures will be uploaded soon!

Anyhow, I caught House for the first time today and I absolutely loved it. It’s freaktastic. And Ghost Whisperer as usual rocked. Oh god. After many days of waking up early, I thought the weekends were for sleeping. Alas, I have to follow my mom to the market later.


OH. And to Big S. I really hope you are feeling better. If you ever need a listening here, I’m always here for you. Cheer up bro!

Alright then, I’m gonna go to sleep now.

PS: 30 days to A MATHS EXAMS! Annnndddd 33 more days till the start of my official exams! NOT ENOUGH TIME ALREADY. SHOO Projects. Shoo Lectures! Shoo Tutorials. Let me start mugging. August hurry come by!