Monday, July 7, 2008
You make me so hot.
{9:35 PM}

The past few entries were nothing but just fillers I suppose. I really lack the muse to blog and hence, I sincerely hope that those fillers made up for something. Better than nothing right?

Anyhow, to my Fexcos, I’m really sorry for making that decision and I’m glad you guys are there to support it. It really meant a lot to me. For those who are still not in the loop, I shall explain it to you one day. I promise.

Alright, last Saturday, I met up with the famous five. It was supposed to be six but Peah couldn’t make it. All I have to say is that the Singapore Flyer wasn’t as good as it sounded. It was totally a waste of money. Like for real. IMO, the company that you have is more than enough because the one thing that kept me sane was the fact that we were camwhoring. I will post up pictures once I get them. If you don’t know, Dessy lives in the kampong so it’s hard to get the pictures from her. But the girls were totally dressed up. Dessy was dressed like Rihanna and Shandi wore a dress! WOW. LOL. But as usual, the guys still outshined them.

After Singapore Flyer, we were famished and ate at Popeyes. Honestly, I missed that place. The food there is awesome and as usual, we can’t finish all the food. Coming from me, that’s very bad. So yeah. With that, we headed home and yes, I got lectured by mom as usual for coming home late. Sigh.

Today, I was roaring to go for IS class only to be told by Joel that there were NO classes today. So, we decided to still go out and catch a movie. Ended up watching Wanted and Get Smart. I prefer the former better cause I think both Jolie and McAvoy was HOT. It was effing sizzling hot. Get Smart was alright. BUT MEH. After that, Joel headed for water polo while I headed home. AND OH. JOEL. He was eating Ramly burger and then all the chili sauce dripped on his shirt. RED STAINS all over. Like he was having his period. But he still insisted on going for his water polo. Tsk tsk.

There’s a new Chinese 8 show at 9pm. And guess what? One of the guy’s name is Shay and he’s played by MARK ZEE. LAWL. OMG.

Anyways, as you can tell, I can’t multitask well. So, till then.