Saturday, July 12, 2008
you want a piece of me?
{10:31 PM}

Hello faithful readers.

Like OMG. These past few days, the hits have been going up, UP and UPPPPP. Insane. But it's all good. The more you view, the more I will post. :)

Anyhow, today went for the SIM Competition briefing. Headed there with Salleh and then met up with Shannon, Jean and Estella at Woodlands. Guess what? I came on time! Yes. 5:25 we (as in our team!) were supposed to meet and I did just that! Joey was already there. Charles took a cab cause he was late. And yes, he dressed up like my father cause he had to go for some wedding shit. AH SOH was also late cause she came from church - which was all the way from Eunos. So, yeah. Damn proud of myself. In all, the briefing was alright. We had fun discussing strategies. OMG. I feel like I can be a damn good businessman already luh. On top of that, the food was awesome. I finished like a lot of sandwiches. Aiya, those small ones. With cheese in it! Yummy. So yeah. I ate around 12 pieces.

After briefing was done, Charles headed off to the wedding dinner while I, Salleh, Ah Soh and Joey went to Al-Ameen for dinner! HAHA. It was really fun chatting with them. It was insanely hilarious. And OH, we talked about Uni. All four of us! It was a scary thought though. I wouldn't even dare to talk about it now. I guess we will shall see what happens in the future.

It's like only 11pm now and I'm already feeling so sleepy. How? HOW? Tutorials still left untouched and I need to study for my AMATHS. NEHMIND. Got tutor to teach me? Who? Don't want to tell you leh. HAHA.

Anyways, you should read SUSU's blog. Her entries are always so funny and check out the video. Lesbianism alert! WOOOOOHOOO.

Alright then folks. I shall head to bed. I'm super dead beat. Toodles!