Monday, August 11, 2008
1,000 visitors! And my Nuffnang Obssession.
{9:38 PM}

Nang this post!


Tonight marks the 1,000 milestone for my blog. Yes, that's right people, the counter states that it's already the thousandth click now. Awesome stuff. Since 4th August, which means 8 days now and finally. That equals to around 100 clicks per day. That's not too bad I guess.

Some background information about myself.

Back then, diaries were the in thing but then, I always ended up having to worry about the condition of these diaries. Hence, I stopped doing that and since technology was getting savvier, I wonder why not start blogging? However, blogging wasn't so much indulged as these days. Back then, people just blogged so that they can vent their frustrations with everything and anything that happened in their lives. There are also the constant blog wars that happens from time to time. I have to say I'm guilty of that.

Amazing. We used to have blog wars with classmates and colleagues but nowadays, we even have wars with fellow bloggers. I'm pretty sure many people out there would agree. Even without meeting each other in real life, people can get offended by what they see online. Meh, right?

Blog has evolved. Now, you can see people blogging for various reasons and with the emergence of Nuffnang and several other online advertising companies, people now see blogging as a career. Even XiaXue said that. So cool right? And if you say this in the past, people would just laugh in your face. However, these days, people will start asking, "How?".

People might wonder how long I will blog again. Though I'm sure they are not complaining since I've been blogging everyday now. Even laoniang is scolding me for not studying and instead checking out Nuffnang every now and then. Tsk tsk. I'm not the only one okay? LOL.

Anyhow, this is not my first time blogging. It traces back from when I was ITE, I guess and that was like fix to six years ago. Initially, I blogged because I felt like I needed some place to pen my thoughts on. I had my own domain the other time and loved it but I guess I feel more comfortable now using blogger. I mean, why waste money right? My purpose is to earn money not lose them. So hopefully, if one day when my blog gets thousands and millions of hits, then maybe I can consider. Who knows? I might even sponsor you as well.


And I would love to take this opportunity to thank all my readers for supporting me thus far; especially my friends who always never fail to visit my blog and stalk me and also the Nuffnanger friends I've made since my induction to Glitterati status.

There have been fond moments so far and I seriously nearly gave up studying because I wanted to blog so much but I realised that I have to be realistic eh? Studies still comes first. Blog after I study. :) Exams starts on Friday and I'm still not done with my revision. Tsk tsk.

Anyhow, here are some of the highlights of this blog with Nuffnang.

My first top ten innit post

My second top ten innit post, courtesry of Tiuniasing.

Link Here.

Shiok moment. Two posts in top ten.

So many fond memories and it's only been a week being a Glitterati member. I'm so happy in short. May this be a start to another milestone. The next 1,000 perhaps? I wouldn't know.

And yet, I still keep asking.

Why still no ads for yours truly? :(

A Question I will post to you guys is.

How has today's blog scene changed your lives as compared to the past?

Drop me a comment. I wanna know your thoughts.

On a side note, thank you guang you for helping me highlight my notes today.