Sunday, August 17, 2008
Any job for a man is not a job for me.
{7:12 PM}

I slept late yesterday. Why? I wished it was due to the fact that I was mugging. Yes, I really do cause I have a freaking exam on Tuesday and I have like 11 chapters to study for it. To date, I have only briefly read through 4 chapters. That's not enough to get me an A.

WHY OH WHY did Singapore have such a miserable education system?

Only the cream of the crop manages to get places in our local university while the rest have no choice but to seek solace in other countries. Here I am, trying hard to maintain my GPA, hoping that when I graduate, I'm able to further my studies.

I'm not a mugger per se but I loved my ability to be able to mug at the very last minute; which goes back to my Audit paper which I only had one day to study for. I really hope I can get an A for that. Hopefully.

Well, back to topic, I didn't study. Instead, I got engrossed in watching the Olympics. It was showing gymnastics and diving. So, I got hooked. I swear I was falling asleep but I continued on watching cause my laptop was downloading updates. What to do? If you're a porn addict like I am, you have to keep ensuring that the system gets updated so that your system will not lag after you had enjoyed your moments of pleasure alone.

So, with that, I woke up late today. At around 2pm. Checked my hp inbox and I got like ten messages and two missed calls. I'm really really sorry people. I was really dead beat.

Sis then asked me to accompany her to buy paint for the house. I followed.

Only now do I realise that getting paint is such a chore and how paint shops are getting to be more scarce nowadays. Really! I'm not lying!

We headed to Marsiling first and then realised that the shop closes at 1pm every Sundays. So, we decided to try the market area which is around 15 minutes away. Again, same thing happened. Finally, after an half an hour journey to Triple 8 Plaza; which was about 10 minutes away from home. Finally, there's a shop. But, sian, only got one colour.


I honestly feel like slapping myself. We headed out from home around 3 plus and spent two hours just finding paint. :( So tiring.

Now, I'm nursing my aching feet due to the excessive walks.

Conversation with Su Xin just now.

Me: Eh, where to buy paint?

Su Xin: Paint ah? Buy at popular lor.

Me: *wonders* Popular got sell paint to paint the house meh?

Su Xin: Oh, I thought the art and craft one.

HAIYO. If I had to use poster colour, I think it will take me a few months to get the whole house painted. Tsk tsk.

I guess, being a business student, I'm pretty much alienated to these terms. Like paint brush, thinner, and all. I was telling my sister that I only know about stock exchange, inflation rate, GST, revenue and expenses. All these things are for the OTHER people, not for me.

Which, at the end of the day, concludes that whatever man related stuff is so not for me. Really. Let me take those apron and take the role of your housewife instead. I think I can cook and do the housework better than I can drill holes and paint.

I'm figuring a job change prospect now.