Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Are you THAT pious afterall?
{11:38 AM}

The other day, someone on Nuffnang actually posted something about religion. The choices given to us were somewhere along the lines questioning how staunch we were in our practice for our religion; a complete devotee, a fair weather one and the one that doesn't care much but still proclaims the belonging of a religion.

She asked me which one am I?

I answered none.

I have always been battling with my choice of religion. I was born Muslim by nature but somehow I feel that I haven't been doing my part as a Muslim. I don't pray at all; not even on Fridays, I don't exactly follow the halal menu set and I do things that Islam has prohibited.

So, should I still call myself a Muslim?


I guess it all depends. First of all, I think the whole creation of religions is pointless. Yes, probably there is only one God. Or maybe more. It could even come about because in the past many people wanted a religion for their own. Which is why I chose to not believe in any. Talks of the afterlife has always risen whenever we talk about death. But do we exactly know what happens after that? No.

However, many have said that we should do good things when we are still alive cause it will reap benefits when we die later. But, can everyone be good? If everyone is good and kind, wouldn't that make planet Earth the Heaven that we all wanted in the other world? That is why no one is born the same in terms of looks, wealth and everything that goes on in their life.

My own principle is believing in what I do is right. I do not advocate any rules that I do not agree with. But sometimes, it's hard. Being a Muslim, it's harder for me to break out of my shell and tell my family that I want to choose to be agnostic. What is agnostic? I do not pledge to any religion but yet believe in the existence of God.

Isn't that the way we should be? I don't know. That's my personal take on this.

Many of my friends from other religions find it simpler for them to get out of their religion. If I ever told my mom that, I would get disowned and not be forgiven at all. So, I have to keep quiet about it. It's not that I don't like being a Muslim but I don't like the restrictions given to me. Why can't I just pray to God and do the things I want to do?

I wonder. By having races and all these religions, are we adding on to more discrimination to take place? Let alone having people compare wealth, education now. When we talk about that, we come to the point where we always compare that one race does better than the other.

It's quite sickening actually. In my eyes, everyone is the same; regardless of their skin colour or the path they walk on.