Tuesday, August 5, 2008
Bubble Tea and More!
{10:38 PM}

Today's post will not be wordy. Or not THAT wordy I guess.

Alright, so school started with me and Charlyn taking the bus together. Then headed to the photocopying shop near the library to print out our past semestral exam papers. And of course, I will have to say this again but I'm NOT a mugger. LOL.

This is the printer. And as the papers were printed.

Halfway through.

In the end, we printed over 60 pages of papers! And that was after we cancelled a third of our original plan to print. You know why? Cause we made 4 people wait in the queue for us. I had to swallow my pride and say sorry many times to them. And I heaved a sigh of relief when it was finally the final set.

That said, it still sucked. Cause the last set was the slowest. It felt to me the slowest!

After that, headed to Canteen 1 when I and Charlyn immediately agreed in unison that we wanted Bubble Tea. Okay. So TWO oreo peppermint ice blended. CHARLYN copied me! Tsk tsk.

I wanted to take picture of it initially but before I could do it, this was left.

But I was nice enough. I took picture of the final product, complete with its water drops. And where were we? At Ourspace! Met Chee Yau, Raymond, Wenyu and Liu Hock!

There! Our workspace! And those are my past semester notes that I'm handing over to Charlyn! HAHA. Go study that.

Not so bad. I managed to do two past year papers for Audit after much tears hard work was done. Charlyn LOVED doing her FIT paper. HAHA.

Anyhow, I can't blog that much cause I gotta do my A Maths now. Tomorrow have to go through the paper so toodles people. More updates tomorrow.