Thursday, August 14, 2008
The day my love affair with my handphone ended.
{12:57 AM}

I swear I nearly wanted to cry today. My handphone, my not so lovely Motorola V3X, has gone dead. Seriously. Today, while I was mugging for my RFA, the screen went dead. I tried switching it on and off like I always do cause it always likes to PMS on me whenever it decides to be cranky. after I throw it around when I please. But now, it seems like the screen is gone. I can't see anything on the screen. All it shows is a dark surface; just like how gloomy I am right now that my handphone cannot be used.

So, on the way home, I was playing around with it and there's light showing. I decided to do a test to see if I can call out. I tried it with Charlyn's first and to my surprise, I can still call out. Then, I had my best friend call me and it worked. Thing is, I no longer know who's calling me so that I can choose to reject or ignore calls of people I don't like to talk to which sucks so bad cause I don't memorise numbers. And now, it doesn't show my stored songs for ringtones and instead, it gives out the deafening and irritating default sound.

Is this a sign? A sign that my handphone is going obsolete on me. Praying to me to let it go when it's about to end its life?


Honestly, anyone who had seen my phone would strongly urge me to change it cause even they can't stand the condition of the phone. But, the thing is, the phone brought me alot of memories. No! Not phone sex, you perverted pervert! It's just been with me for so long that I cannot bear to let it go.

But alas, I have to. That is once I get a new phone that is. Right now, sis doesn't even care. Initially, she's the one who wanted my phone changed!


No phone, no life. :(

On the side note, blog will be on hiatus till after Saturday cause I'm having back to back exams on Friday and Saturday. Tomorrow, I will not go online cause I need to mug last minute. Tsk tsk.

With that, I wish everyone taking their exams now good luck!

PS: Anyone can sponsor me a very chio phone please?

EDIT: While I was about to post my entry in Innit, guess what? Even Innit was mocking me! Tsk tsk. See.