Friday, August 8, 2008
Diploma in International Blogging Management
{9:11 PM}

I gave up on studying today cause I'm always distracted. I saw Charlyn's laptop in front of me and I felt so tempted to blog. But yet, I act as if I wasn't interested. Everytime she went to the toilet, I took her laptop to type this post.


EWWW. I think she never wash her hands. LOL! Either that, or she secretly also wanted to blog cause her laptop was on throughout the study session. She looked stressed too. Maybe because she couldn't blog.

HMMMM. Now, I know.

Anyhow, I was thinking. I love to blog and I hate to study. But if given a chance, why not study something I like right? Then no need to think so hard. Last time, I wouldn't care about blogging. I blog cause I feel like it. And I like it cause I was having blog wars with a few friends. But think of it, how about having a diploma in International Blogging Management?

Sounds cool right? Read on.

Diploma in International Blogging Management


Experienced your mother nagging at you for not studying because you are always facing the computer/laptop all day when all you are doing is blogging and finding new interesting blogs to keep to your bookmarks? Fear not. We feel your plight and share your passion for blogging as well. Featuring the first ever Diploma in International Blogging Management.

You will be learning how to blog like XiaXue, Mr Brown and TypicalBen and of course, be original in your own way. If you are always complaining about low blog traffic, fret not, we will teach you how to get those traffic from all around the world. Sounds interesting, we sure are too.

Let’s all take the blogosphere by storm.

Preparing for the work force

- Internship at Nuffnang about managing advertorials
- Learn from from famous bloggers like XiaXue and TypicalBen
- Learn how to make money by just blogging

Computer-savvy and up-to-date blogging skills

- Discover Innit as a Glitterati member
- Manage your own domain
- Learn how to do your own blog design

Career Prospects

With blogosphere dominating the world of IT, you can be ensured that you can be working independently or with a group of fellow enthusiasts. It’s so easy. Just create a blog, and apply the skills that we teach you and you will be in no time as famous as XiaXue.

Or maybe more.

Accreditation for Further Studies

Your Diploma is recognised by all local and overseas universities. Just take your pick.

Core Modules

Introduction to Blogging
Discovering IT
Marketing 1
Intellectual Property Law
Blogging Communication
Blogging Finance
Adobe Photoshop
Flash Applications

Now, if it ever happened, who would enroll for it? I KNOW I WOULD.