Monday, August 11, 2008
It's Okay To Be Gay.
{8:33 AM}

I met a friend a few days back but never actually blogged about it. Thing is, I've never been fond of this particular friend. He's a homophobic, he hates everything that everyone does and the thing about him that irks me the most is the fact that he thinks that he's always right.

I know. You've always heard of "the customer is always right." right? LOL. But his case is an exceptional one.

Thing is, I practically grew up with this friend I would affectionately called Moron. Since my secondary school days, he's never failed to traumatise the lives of the weak and the unprotected. I'm finallly glad the day we officially graduated from secondary school. There are more reasons for me not to hang out with him.

So, it was a pleasant surprise to see him along the road one day. And he was telling me about his experiences in national service. It was their Passing Out Parade and of course he was excited about passing out. The first lap was finally over.

Hence, he and a couple of buddies went to hang out together. I believe they headed out to a club and then wasted the night away. I'm not sure what they actually indulge in but basically they were then around the vicinity of the red light district.

I was beginning to roll my eyes at this point of time.

Desperate much?

I wanted to know of course if he laid anyone there but instead, this is what I found out. I honestly couldn't stop laughing after this.

He didn't. He got cold feet. Apparently, he didn't even want to go close to that place. No one knew why but no one was prepared to let it go at that.

When he went back camp the following week, he was surprised to see people talking about him. He was puzzled about why everyone was giving him the weird look and he figured it must have been the "backout" thing the other night. So, he asked one of his best mates in camp who didn't go for the outing.

Moron: Eh, why people looking at me like that huh?

Josh: You should know what?

Moron: Because of the other night huh?

Josh: Yeah.

Moron: OMG. Very paiseh you know.

Josh: Haha. I can tell.

Moron: How? How? How to solve this?

Josh: Actually Moron, it's alright. I heard about you backing out and all. I think it's perfectly fine. No matter what it is, I'm still your friend. Stop reproaching yourself. People will accept you no matter what happens.

** At this point of time, Moron was puzzled.

Moron: I don't get you.

Josh: We know why you backed out.....

"And it's okay to be gay."

HAHAHA. Anyways, I'm glad that I was able to share this story with you. I was damn pleased when I heard this. Awesome eh? I got to get ready for school now though. See you guys soon!