Thursday, August 7, 2008
My friend; my admirer. TSK!
{9:25 PM}

This week was pretty much a happening study break for me. Today, decided to do something different. Headed to the library, took out all my notes and was ready to study.

But it didn't happen. Cause Charlyn was checking out her Nuffnang stats and being me, I also kaypoh of course! Oh yeah, I didn't mention that I finally got Glitterati! HAHA. So excited. So these days, me and Charlyn have been checking our visits. Yes, so pathetic. No adverts, no money but still we are pushing on.

And then, when I finally wanted to study, the renovation works happened. Those people were drilling away. So much for being in the library right? Worse than being at the construction site. I so gave up till the end, I got immuned of the noise.

Btw, I just realised that I have a new admirer, Charlyn! Tsk tsk. After so long, then she finally revealed her deepest desires. Too bad luh Charlyn, I'm always taken. Want evidence? Don't believe right? Here's the proof!

Also, Charlyn told me something just now. The guys over at the other table were gossipping about us. I was like WTH! I never do anything except for studying there what? Not wrong right? HAIYO. But Charlyn was saying something this dude telling his friend not to sit the seat closest to us so that she won't "disturb his view."

I honestly think he was checking out Charlyn. If he was checking out me, then Charlyn, you no hope already. Even the guys are checking me out. LAWL.

With that, you know you love.