Saturday, August 9, 2008
My windows.
{8:13 PM}

It rained just now and I nearly felt the urge to put down my books to sleep. Such a nice weather, how can I resist? But no, I studied, for one hour! After that caught the NDP.

Anyhow, before it rained (was drizzling at first right?), I wanted to prepare myself cause I'm lazy to close the windows only after the rain has poured heavily. Must have contigency planning what. So yeah. But everytime I want to close the windows, I'm very very scared. Why? See the video.

This bird! Like KNS!

It (cause I dunno if it's a male or female) always comes close to our windows whenever they spot us wanting to close the windows. And what did it do?


All my family members; my dad, mom and sis have been victims of it. Even my married sister who came over the other day got pecked. And thing is, no one warned her about it. After she screamed, I kinda guessed. She got pecked. She asked my mom why she didn't warn her.

Guess what my mom replied her.

"Cause you never asked. How I know?"

I was honestly laughing like a mad bitch. No one knows about this unless they live at our house and after so many times of closing the windows, I have never gotten pecked. Everyone else got pecked even though they closed the windows quickly.

That's why I'm very scared now. Cause I kept laughing at the others so I'm afraid karma would bite me back in my ass! LOL. So, today, I happen to narrowly escape from the bird's clutches. See how the bird stared at me and hear how it chirps. It's scary. I thought it was going to call the other birds.

One of my friends said that I was too dark, that's why the bird cannot see. Hello? Please? It was in the day. Cause at night, the bird clever. Go clubbing or something, I reckon.

So yeah, if I stop blogging one day, maybe my hands have been immobilised by the stupid bird. :( And on that day, you can start laughing at me.