Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Nangs are not everything.
{12:16 PM}

Yes, hello fellow readers.

Now, over this past week, I have been introduced to world of nangs and dangs. Yes, if you are alien to these terms, trust me, it wasn't easy for me at first either. After knowing the meaning of nang and dangs, I have been going around asking people to "hey please nang my post!" or "eh, why you dang my post? KNS!".

What exactly are these terms?

You NANG if you like the post and you dang if you hate the post. As simple as that. The post with the most nangs goes up in the Innit top ten. If you referred to my previous post, I already had three entries up in the top ten.

How did I do that? Spam the chatbox. On the other hand, some of them I never do publicity but people still nang.

And is it a good thing that we are having these nangs? Apparently not.

The arrival of Tiuniasing has brought a lot of displeasure in a lot of us; yours truly included. He goes around danging people's post as he please. His reason being? He hates people who selfs nang and even put it in the same line of self masturbation.

Is he right?


Are we right to self nang?


The reason why I said maybe is because everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Should we stop self nanging just because we are afraid to be danged by Tiuniasing? No. We shouldn't. Cause at the end of the day, he's only one person as opposed to the many other who would love to read your posts and nang it.

Many have said that they hate him and all but I guess he has his own principles. As for me, I'm cool with it. I still self nang my posts but hey, I'm entitled to my own actions. It doesn't really matter if you like it or not.

But honestly, in contradiction, the chatbox is getting really spammy. When a group of people chat, the others feel left out. How? Can we ensure that everyone gets to know everyone there even if they are quiet by nature.

At the end of the day, does nangs really matter? If the readers loves your posts, they will definitely come back for more. Innit provides the platform but ultimately, it's up to the willingness of the readers to come back.

Think about why you blog in the first place? I do this because I love expressing my views. Whether people like it or not, it's their prerogative. I will not change myself just for the sake of gaining new readers. They should like me for who I am. Whatever I am offline, is what you are going to get online as well. Be true to yourself.

My point is that nangs do not determine the popularity of your posts. It's a starting point. Innit should be used for up and coming blogs to showcase their blogs to the world.

Stop fighting about the nangs; cause at the end of the day, you are just making yourself silly by having blog wars with people you don't even know personally or met before.

Just my two cents.