Saturday, August 16, 2008
Not made in Singapore, so what?
{9:46 PM}

I just woke up from a 4 hour sleep earlier on. I'm dead beat. These past two days, I've been sleeping for 3 hours each day cause I was trying to cram last minute stuff into my head. That's the price to pay for not being consistent in your studies. But oh well, so far three papers down. A Maths, RFA and Auditing. I hope I get good grades for it. I can certainly hope, can't I? Next up, FIT!

Anyhow, these past few days, the reason for my procrastination has been the Olympics. Yes, I can say that many of the other people out there having examinations face this problem as well. Who could resist? The intense competition amongst all these athletes battling it out to do their countries proud deserves a lot of admiration from yours truly. The months and years of training have certainly paid off for some of them.

Take for example, Michael Phelps. Everyone's talking about his quest for his gold medals. I don't know how many he has won exactly. WAIT. He has gottten his seventh gold medal for the 100th Butterfly by 0.01 second over Serbia. The "hopefully" eighth medal is coming tomorrow. Hmm, looks like if you put your heart into it, you will get to achieve it.

Also, the recent week has been the talk of the town isn't it? I am talking about Li Jiawei, who was our flag bearer for this year's Olympics. Many have talked about how she dragged our national flag and blamed it on the fact that she's not really a true blue Singaporean. I was like WTF? Honestly, now, bite your tongues people. She's on her way to getting our very first gold medal.

Honestly, all this discrimination has got to stop. Yes, she's not borned locally but that doesn't give us the right to attribute her dragging of the flag because she's not happy with being the flag bearer in her home country. She's representing Singapore at the end of the day, and if she wins, our country gets the accredition. Foreign players, so what? It doesn't mean that only Singapore born people can be called Singaporeans. If you are a resident here, you are a Singaporean. Honestly, this origin issue is irking me. We can't choose where we want to be born in. Many Singaporeans also ventured out of the country and found their calling elsewhere? Isn't that the same thing? But we don't see our PEOPLE complaining, do we?

As such, I am proud of the Singapore team for going all out. The table tennis team has never failed me and I have been a fan of them since the very beginning. It really comes down to this point where we really have a dominant sport in table tennis. China borned or not, I personally don't care. They came here because they wanted to explore their sights and I welcome them to do that. If our own people are not capable or skilled enough, then we only have ourselves to blame, not these foreign talent.

At the end of the day, while we are supposed to be proud of our athletes, we can get jealous with their success as well. Why be jealous? Share their success. We may not have reached the success story yet but I'm pretty sure everyone of us are successful in their own way.

Stop discrimination and start embracing.