Sunday, August 10, 2008
Nuffnang forum?
{4:10 AM}

Well, I have been lurking alot lately in Innit since I got my Glitterati status. Reason being is that I love reading random posts and of course, the nanging stuff. And of course, all that Tiuniasing events. Funny stuff.

Also, the chatbox is VERY happening. If you had stayed longer, you will realise that it's filled with super hyper people.

Gossip here and there. Scandals and all the relationships. Too many to track also.

Then, I was thinking. Since we all like to get to know each other and whatnot, why not have a Nuffnang forum? I'm sure we will all benefit from it. Especially when we all come from various timeslots and etc.

It would be a great platform to know more about each other as well.

What say you, Nuffnangers?