Saturday, August 23, 2008
Road Hazards.
{8:21 PM}

Going out can be a chore.

For example today, it rained just as I was about to go out to meet my sister. And when it rains, it dampens the mood. Add on top the fact that I was already late and I had to send something else to my another sister. Make that super late.

I believe that the government provided pedestrian walkways so that in times of rain, it will facilitate our walk against the mud. Or for families, for the elderly and the kids to walk without hurting themselves.

But sometimes, I feel like the walkways are taken for granted.


While this is a pressing issue, it just doesn't get solved. No one could do about it. The problem I'm talking about is cyclists who utilises the walkway for their convenience at OUR inconvenience. I'm seriously pissed off. While I was battling to keep the rain away, I had to fight against all these cyclists who act as if we owe them a living or are stepping into their territory.


I mean, honestly. Isn't the walkway for us? They should not use it for their own gain. If you want to cycle, then do it on the road. I don't care about your safety, I just care about mine. It just pisses me off to know that these people will scold you or even give the sarcastic look if you refuse to give them way or when you slowly react to their bells.

It's bad enough that we are tired from all the walking and still there are people who refuse to let us have the leisure of walking without any interruptions. ATROCIOUS! I really have no idea what to do. If I refuse to let them pass, am I in the wrong? I don't think so. Cause in the first place, they have to be considerate. Our safety is being compromised just because they think they are kings/queens of the world.

Another instance is when we needed to cross the traffic light. These people will be clogging the area and then using their bikes to move you away. Somemore, they expect you to give way to them when you need to rush against the traffic light timer. It's so dangerous bringing kids and elderly out cause these people just refuse to give way. Instead, with a rude tone, they give a "EXCUSE ME!". Yes, saying excuse me is supposedly having manners, but not when it's delivered in the wrong way. Asswipes!

I sometimes wonder why such people exist in the first place. I don't mind them cycling; I just don't like them disturbing the walking pedestrians!