Monday, August 4, 2008
{1:17 AM}

Study session for today. Quite a success, I think.

Met Charlyn up at around 2pm at Admiralty Macs. I finally realised how alienated I was of my own neighbourhood that I didn't realise that the stationery shop is no longer there. Only when Charlyn wanted to buy folscap did I realise that the shop has been replaced. By a salon.


There are already one barbershop and one salon around the area itself. Why need another one? Waste of space right? Now how? I can't get my stationery. DANG. This is so infuriating. PLEASE. Someone set up a stationery shop now. Even though I only visit the stationery shop once every month. So yeah.

I think Admiralty people don't think. There are two 7-11 here and they are barely 5 minutes apart. Also, we have a Shop and Save as well as a Prime Supermarket 10 minutes away. WHAT? This is so nonsensical. No wonder these shops are making losses. Or at least I think. At this rate, I don't think much profits are rolling in.

Anyhow, study session went great. Charlyn did FIT and I studied Audit for the 5th day and only at the 4th chapter. There are 5 more chapters to go. OMG. I'm so slow. But never mind, I shall persevere!

Studied from 2-7 and then went walking with Charlyn at the pasar malam around my area. Along the way, we chatted about random stuff. So funny. LOL. I'm not gonna reveal what we talked about but we should do it more often.

After that, headed home and watched teevee. Pushing Daisies, Fear Factor and now Solitary. PD and Solitary are at the finale and I can't wait for the new season to happen.

Also, for the three hours that I was watching teevee, I managed to tweak the blogskin. See? So nice already. Not bad huh? I'm pretty much an IT geek as well. Changed the layout for this one and the other blog. If you all got blog and want it customised, tell me. If I free, I help you out. :)

Saying that, Gossip Girl is coming back on 1st September! So is ANTM! OMG. I'm gonna motivate myself to study so that I can enjoy these shows later on. AHHH.

Anyhow, enough of blogging for now. See y'all later!


BTW, I did another blog for another reason. Check it out and comment!

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