Sunday, August 10, 2008
Tiuniasing's Ambition
{11:18 AM}

Alright, these past few days, I have been introduced to a very interesting blogger. Nope, it's not the XiaXue or Dawn Yang saga. I'm way over that one. Still pending right? When finalised already then I kaypoh a bit later.

If you are a Nuffnanger, you would probably have heard about this blogger in particular. Everywhere. People are talking about him everywhere; in the chatbox, in their blog entries and also, some of his topics are topping the Innit stats! How did this happen? Why it happen?

Read on why.

You see, Tiuniasing has a different flair about the way he expresses himself. And how is this affecting the Nuffnang community? MASSIVELY I guess.

Well, at first, I thought his nick was Tuna Sing. LOL! Then I look closely, and it's TIUNIASING. Funny heh, how come his nick was like that. Maybe he likes Tuna and he likes singing. Hence that nick.

And well, this post is not intended to bash him or anything. Honestly, I get on fine with that dude. Yes, he goes around danging people's post and all but I don't think it makes him much of a bad person. It's how he operates; so let's just deal with it. Honestly, I used to hate him with a passion cause he has this policy that self narcissim is tantamount to committing a sin. But recently, conversing with him in the chatbox wasn't that bad afterall.

Sure, he has a foul mouth but who doesn't? Are you going to say that you have a foul mouth but you know how to ration it out. Sorry honey, some people don't mince their words when they talk about you. Which is why I love XiaXue. Period.

And of course, he has a lewd attitude about life. Read his blog here and you will understand why.

I feel that maybe he lacks love. HAHAHA. And perhaps, if we just ignore him and let him do what he wants, it won't really matter. It's only one dang. What difference would it make? If your post is really that good, than it won't matter if you got one dang cause you got many other nangs to compensate for it.

I'm also guilty of the fact that I wanted more nangs and some people even resorted to rigging the system by creating multiple attempts. No, that wasn't intended for anyone but it's sad that people are fighting over this nanging system. It's meant to be a fun thing, not a war thing.

I was shocked when my post went top ten the other time cause I didn't advertise it at all. I was pleasantly surprised. It currently has 29 nangs so far. Not bad eh? I'm definitely proud of myself. It has established me as a blogger who has been in this industry for quite sometime already.

So, can we get over the Tiuniasing saga? Cause if not, we are indirectly increasing his traffic. I'm sure we want more traffic for ourselves right?

Also, speaking of traffic, I think what Tiuniasing wants is to be...


The one who always gives you summon and whatnot. But instead of giving you summon, he gives you DANGS!