Monday, August 4, 2008
{9:13 PM}

Cause I dunno what to name this entry.


Today was such a letdown. Woke up at around 4 and then TRIED to study for audit. But alas, nothing went in. What a failure right? Tsk tsk. Anyhow, 2 hours of audit was not productive at all. I barely understand. Alright, I lied. I understooded what each chapter was for; as in the chapter title and that's it. LOL. Smart right? I know you think I'm smart as well.

Watched teevee all the way til now. Power. OKAY OKAY. I promise I will study at ten later. Alright, maybe 10:30. If not, 11. And so forth.

Anyhow, tomorrow I plan to study A Maths. I gave up on auditing already. Tonight must wrap up everything. Well, to at least secure my doubts. So, who's with me? Come come leh. Study with me. But I dunno what time I will wake up though. LOL.

Actually, today I did something bad. Really really bad.

I succumbed to the XX vs DY saga. Whose fault? SHARUL fault. It's her fault for browsing those pages everytime she's in class. It's her fault for always talking about XX and DY. No no. I'm not memorising A MATHS. Not dy/dx thing. Wrong wrong. Talking about the recent Xiaxue and Dawn Yang. The former was gossiping about the latter and the latter sued the former. Then it was found out that DY was actually plagiarising from some other sources. Dunno how true it is but I will never do that of course.

Ngee Ann has taught me that plagiarising is an offence. Plagiarise and you can fail. Like OMG right? So, yeah, no plagiarising for me.

But anyhow, moving on back to the saga. It's sad. Two famous bloggers to end up in such a state. But I like Xiaxue. Her writing of nabehness is the best! Really. I was like reading her archives and superb stuff. And she's so rich. Advertorials here and there. I also want! HAHA. Too bad, these few days will only be filled with boredom. Cause I'm barely out and the only thing I do is STUDY and watch teeeveee. So yeah. Nothing.

Well, boring or not, yesterday was a rise in viewership. HAHA. Which means, you all still love me right? XOXO.

With that said, I want a chioooooooo iPod Shuffle Nano. I really missed my old one. And you know what happened?

On a rainy day, back when I was in camp (what camp? NS LAH!), like many other NS people, I rushed back home. Yes, despite the fact that it was raining. And cause I was so lazy to change out of my half uniform (no, I was not half naked), I decided to leave in my tshirt, pants and my boots. And of course, I would bring along my iPod Shuffle.

So, I ran all my might, while listening to the music on my iPod. I was hoping that with the rain on my body and on my hair, I would be distracted knowing that I'm wet with the music playing in my ears.

How sad.

There was music, but barely 5 seconds into it.

Somehow, while running, I failed to realise that the iPod had dropped out of my pocket and somewhere out there. All that was left as a token of my loss was my earphones, which was found in my boots.

EWW right? So sad. I had that for one year and that was the longest life a mp3 could get under my care. But what to do? What's gone cannot be replaced. Well, not unless YOU are willing to sponsor it of course.

This is a true story. Don't say I anyhow make up story.

Alright now, I will update again tomorrow. As for now, I'm gonna go ahead and concentrate on my teevee. Fine fine, after that I will study. :)

** Edited: Cause it was my iPod Nano, not Shuffle. Thanks Hel! **