Friday, August 15, 2008
Wall-E is still <3.
{12:57 AM}

I'm supposed to be sleeping by now.

I have an examination coming soon in less than 8 hours.

I have yet to have more than 4 hours of sleep each day since the semester started.

And today, before I wanted to sleep, Wall-E came to me. You don't believe?

THERE! He knew that I wanted so much to watch Wall-E that I've been talking about it ever since the teaser trailers came out. But what to do? I'm broke, need to study for exams somemore.

He tried giving me a ticket (see picture) but it's empty. I thought he was lying to me but I guess he's not afterall. Cause Nuffnang giving away free tickets. HAHA. So, that means Wall-E wasn't lying.

And why I want to watch Wall-E? It would be a perfect gift for the end of the examinations next week. :) It would certainly be a good start to the holidays.