Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Day 1 - Shanghai Trip
{5:28 PM}

Oh yes! I'm finally back to blogging. There's so many things that had happened recently, so I guess I kinda owed you guys a lot of explanations eh? Alright, since I'm about to get back to my blogging mood, you guys would just have to hold on to your horses eh?

As for now, I'm going to blog about the first day of my shanghai trip. Yes, as you all can imagine, the day was pretty much an intense one cause it was results day and you can only imagine the collusion of all the butterflies in my stomach couldn't get any worse. But how did I do? Alright, I guess. As expected. So if you want to know my results, ask me. It wouldn't hurt to do so eh?

OH OH. And I got A for my A Maths! Wootness to that!

Anyhow, back to the trip.

Couldn't sleep the night before. Mom said I was excited about the trip and results. Hell no? I was numbed to the feelings for both. I was kinda calmed about results and the trip didn't excite me as it should. So, tossed in bed for a while and then go to the point whereby I gave up and just surfed net. Got ready at around 4 plus and then went out of home at 5am. Mom was complaining that I was dilly dallying. MEH.

Reached airport at around 5:45AM.

Boarded the plane about 8AM.

Reached at around 12 plus.

Headed to Oriental Pearl Tower.

Ate at this awesome restaurant cause it was a ship. :)

Went to the bund and the city lights at nights were beautiful.

Went on the cruise ship. Awesomeness. Cause the wind was simply cold and the scenery was breathtaking.

Anyhow, waiting for more pictures on my side but here's the group. Loves them loads.

I know, it's nothing much but I promise I will upload the photos asap as soon as I've got them. :) Stay tuned for day two.