Tuesday, September 30, 2008
{9:58 PM}

Yes, if you were wondering what I was doing, read on.

Anyhow, yes, the long awaited Envoys post that everyone's been bugging me to blog about. It's been a long time since we met so when Shawn messaged us about having dinner at Seoul Garden, I was all up for it. However, many things happened along the way. We found the place too expensive and then changed it to Vivo, only to change it back to Seoul.

And guess what? We didn't eat at SEOUL. :( We ended up eating at Breeks. So wasted! Cause it's been ages since I last ate at seoul garden. While the rest were pretty happy about it, I wasn't. Well, never mind la. Cause at the end of the day, it's the company that matters. The food has to be nice also la but I ordered the right food. YINA didn't. Despite the fact that she originally had 10 bucks. And in the end, it was WEILIAN who didn't have enough money cause YINA went to reach into her Doraemon pockets and found money. LOL.

The turnout was not bad. Got Celia, Weilian, Yina, Melvin, Terence, Sweesin, Shawn Ong and me from Brown Neh Nehs. Over at GSS side also got a lot but I lazy to list out. Went there with Salleh and Su Xin. The madness.

After dinner, we didn't know where to go so I suggested arcade and they really went. Played games especially PARA PARA in which Mr Weilian failed after ONE STAGE. Loser right? I had to help him as shown in the first picture. Too bad. Had fun playing Bishi Bashi as well. Some of the others played pool.

We then contemplated on going home but decided to play pool instead. Celia, Leonard and Shannon had played first so me, Salleh, Suxin and Shawn played too on a separate lane. All the "S"! HAHA. So fun. The results were as follow:

First round.

1st - Salleh
2nd - Me
3rd - Shawn
4th - Su Xin

Second round.

1st - Me
2nd - Salleh
3rd - Shawn
4th - Su Xin

Su Xin got pawned all the way. LOL. She wanted me to lose. SO BAD!

So, after that, trained home. And guess what time it was? 1AM! Poor Salleh had to walk back home cause there were no more buses. HAHA. After that meal, you had to exercise la.

Anyhow, thanks BNN and GSS for the awesome time. Look forward to meeting you guys soon.

And yes, Melvin, you're not hot and fat! :D