Monday, September 8, 2008
School logo? Then you're not a customer.
{2:07 PM}

Hello, world!

I know it has been days since I last blogged and I know some of you had been snooping around my blog, hoping that somehow an update will happen. And ta-dah! Here it is. Anyhow, sorry for not been blogging for the past two weeks or so. I've been tired. Been working for a while and yesterday's was officially the last day. Yes, I counted - only 8 days of work but that's more that I could bargain for. Would have liked to stay longer but I was too bummed out. The work seriously tires me out big time so good bye job, and hello social life yet again. :)

Anyhow, yes, some of the people I know have been expecting this entry cause I'm seriously effed up pissed off with an issue that's been boiling inside my head for quite sometime now.

A week ago, BA GOAL went to Toa Payoh Hub to assist the kids from the Children's Society cause they were participating in the SMRT drawing competition. The company's lovely cause we had new volunteers and the kids were insanely fun. I was frantic for a moment cause I couldn't find Benjamin but hold and behold, he was there! Hiding behind his hoodie and I was sooooooooo damn happy that he recognised me. And of course, he was still my kid of the day.

It was sad though. We were only able to have the company for about two to three hours. Very short period of time but never mind, there's still the three day event that we are planning for them. Hopefully he's there.

Well, of course, after the event, we didn't want to head back. Only Ah Soh did cause she needed to go shopping. For what? Formal clothes for attachment. Cause all the remaining year threes had to embark on their attachment life - which translates to their last semester in school already. I'm like so jealous. Never mind, after this upcoming semester, I'm gonna be a third year already. Time pass quickly, please.

Anyhow, the rest of us - Toh Toh, Liu Hock, Suxin, Rebacca and Sheila headed out. We didn't even know where we wanted to go. Watch movie? Expensive? Go Changi Airport? Rebacca suddenly said she got something on. Then go Esplanade? Too boring?

In the end, we headed to Dhoby Ghaut despite Toh Toh's persistence plead that she has been there for three times already. LOL. Hence, we headed there and then proceeded to the arcade at Plaza Singapura.


Students who are wearing their school uniform will not be allowed to be in the premises.

So, the others and I were laughing it all. It was a Sunday and we are polytechnic students. But we were still wearing school uniform cause it was BA GOAL shirt which was bright orange and the logo of ngee ann was there. Well, we had to feel proud of it what?

We all passed the games area one by one till one staff stopped Suxin and Sheila and told them that they are allowed in there cause they were wearing school uniform.

I honestly went o.O, -- and finally _|_.

I just couldn't take it. I went up to the crew (let's just call him a retard) and this was our conversation.

Me: Hmm, may I question you as to why we are not allowed to be here?

Retard: Sorry, it's the rules, if you are wearing school uniform, you are not allowed in here.

Me: But we are poly students and it's a Sunday. This is not even a school uniform but a CCA shirt.

Retard: Sorry, but it comes with the school logo, then it's school uniform.

Me: But isn't that discrimination?

Retard: Don't get me wrong Sir, I'm not trying to be racist.

Me: What? Since when I said anything about being racist, my other five friends are chinese. I was talking about discrimination about us not being able to play when we are wearing just cca shirts.

Retard: It's the rule. If you are caught here, it will reflect bad on both parties. Your school's reputation will be tarnished.

At this point of time, I think he's useless. I think he needs an education.

In what way would our presence in the arcade be tarnishing our school's reputation? We are not hooligans and we do not intend to create trouble. All we wanted to do was play the games. Was it wrong? It was a SUNDAY and our exams are over. We are well over 18 and we deserve every right to be there. Just because we wear our shirt with school logo and we are immediately blacklisted?

I mean, keep it real. If I had gone to KFC, McDonalds or bowling alleys, they would be welcoming us with open arms cause we bring a lot of revenue to their outlets. But not at arcades? What's the difference now? It's ironic cause there were a lot of younger peeps inside the arcade and the reason why they are allowed in is because they are wearing home clothes?

This is definitely the wrong teaching. The crew said that we can go in if we change out of our shirts. Atrocious. If every secondary kid out there does that everytime they want to go arcade, I will be worried about them. Cause they are doing it on the sly. They have to act and behave like criminals just because they want a chance to probably unwind. In the past, going to arcades was a no-no but nowadays, I see even parents bringing their kids there.

Does going arcade equate being bad? No. I don't think so. It's all based on our environment, not a place we stay in for a mere hours.

There should be some changes implemented cause this stupid rule is totally not valid. Whatever, I'm boycotting that arcade anyways from now on.