Thursday, September 25, 2008
Work and Popeyes
{2:40 AM}

OOOH. So long since I blogged but don't count on a long entry cause the whole day was spent doing e-portfolio and I'm not even halfway done. Bummer right? I feel so tired right now and I can't sleep cause it's one hour before I need to eat. But never mind, only left 3 days to fast. Quite fast right? No pun intended.

Anyhow, last Tuesday, I got an offer to work. Charlyn got some lobang and she asked me on MSN on Monday. She thought I would say no but I wouldn't say no to money at this point of time cause I'm freaking broke right now. Please, I can't count on hari raya money cause I'm way past my prime for that. So, I roped in Salleh and Dennis as well.

It was a fun day out with them. Met up with Shanghai gang first and I didn't know Dennis was going to be there cause I thought it was going to be our group meeting. Turns out that they planned to go out with the other peeps later on. So, I slacked and discussed our project at TCC Raffles Place before I proceeded with Dennis to Changi Airport.

Why did we go there?


Hence, we agreed to meet at Changi Airport T3. It was madness, I tell you. LONNNNGGG QUUUEEEEUUEEE. And like ugly Singaporeans, we decided to quickly book seats. I felt pretty unglam please. But thanks to one dude, he saw me and offered us seats because he was leaving. THANKS!

Salleh was mad! He wanted to order the 4pc meal. Crazy. Even I won't order that please. So, he ordered his 3pc meal with his 100 BUCKS separately away from us cause he was afraid that he had to belanja us. What a scrooge! Me, Dennis and Charlyn ordered 2pc meal each and then on top of that, we ordered a large whipped potato and 6 biscuits.

With that, the showdown began between.....


And of course I won. :)

After that was done, we all had bloated stomachs! No kidding. Then, we proceeded to IKEA Tampines to get IKEA hotdogs. Well, only me and Dennis got it. I finished mine, Salleh helped Dennis to finish it. On top of that, I drank! HAHA. Twice.

With my stomach feeling damn heavy, we headed to work at GIANT.

My thoughts on it?

Not bad la. I sweat a lot with Dennis, had to eat breakfast at two, do a lot of saikang and at the end of the day earn 45 bucks. Not too bad. The only thing that got to me was the existence of MATS! OH MY FUCKING GOD. Those who like never fast and smoke and do everything bad. Sigh. But never mind, I survived in their environment and we (Salleh and I) have decided to label ourselves SEMAT (SMART MATS!) LOL! When I got back home, I was dead beat and slept all the way till 5pm.

Alright, more money making sessions this coming week and tomorrow, if I'm not lazy, I shall update about my envoys outing. Till then, XOXO people.