Friday, October 24, 2008
Bowled Over.
{8:11 PM}

*sings* Womanizer, woman-womanizer!

I'm sooooo in love with this song, it's totally insane. Trust me. Everyone around me has got addicted to this song (and probably got bored of it!) but you can't help it right? It's damn addictive.

Anyhow,I owe an entry about the clique outing. Yes, we managed to have a clique outing before the school opened and finally, it was full strength despite the fact that Charles couldn't join us in the earlier part of the outing. Bummer. Mr Busy, what to do?

We (Myself, Salleh, Sue, Charlyn) started off with lunch at the coffeeshop. Yes. It was meant to be a budget trip hence the choice. After that, we met up with Sharul to proceed to Orchid Country Club at Yishun. That place is damn good I tell you. Before 6pm, 1 game is only $2.70. Cheap cheap!

Soon, Iz (Sharul's bf) came to join us. We heard he was a pro and Salleh was pretty flustered at that thought.

Soon, 6 games passed by.

The awards were as follows:

Highest Score

1st - Salleh(160 points)
2nd - Iz (148 points)
3rd - Iz (145 points)

Lowest Score

1st - Charlyn (35 points)
2nd - Charlyn (40 points)
3rd - Sue (42 points)

Most Strikes

1st - Salleh (12)
2nd - Syahid (7)
3rd - Iz (6)

Most Spares

1st - Syahid (13)
2nd - Salleh/Iz (8)
3rd - Rhea (7)

Most Splits

1st - Salleh (5)
2nd - Sue/Char (4)
3rd - Rhea (3)

Most Longkang (Gutter)

1st - Char (9)
2nd - Sue (4)
3rd - Rhea (1)

Now, for the individual stats.


Highest - 78 points
Lowest - 42 points
Average - 62 points


Highest - 103 points
Lowest - 63 points
Average - 86 points


Highest - 78 points
Lowest - 35 points
Average - 57 points


Highest - 134 points
Lowest - 94 points
Average - 112 points


Highest - 160 points
Lowest - 76 points
Average - 120 points


Highest - 148 points
Lowest - 89 points
Average - 101 points


After we are done bowling, Sue had to go home. Curfew mah.

Then, we met up with Charles. Wanted to go sembawang but the shop was closed so in the end, we asked Charles to meet us at Woodlands Mart cause near to Sue's house. Why there? So that she can join us. Like what right?


Everyone was there. Thanks for making my day and love you all!

UP NEXT: Raya Outing. :)