Thursday, October 30, 2008
Food Fools. LOL.
{8:59 PM}

Holla readers!

Basically, in a blink of an eye, the weekend is here once again. It's already Friday tomorrow and we are into our third week of school already. How fast is that? This is freaking insane.

Anyhow, in short, Monday was Deepavali and it was awesome spending time with my IS group mates - Sue, Meiqi, Beckie and Fiona + Salleh who decided to come down, for the game of bowling. That was done in conjuction with our IS experiment. I think we had too much fun that we ended up not doing any observation. Bummer. LOL.

On tuesday, I had my econs lesson because of the NUS visit on Wednesday and I didn't want to do it on thursday.

Then, yesterday, headed down to NUS with a few of my classmates and other BA school people to see what NUS is all about. I must say that heading there, I had nothing much planned for but at the end of the day, I think I probably am considering some options. At this point of time, I really dunno what I want to do and what to choose but I guess we will take it a step at a time right?


At the end of the thing, we had like a reception or something. There were sushi, sambosa, chocolate eclair and many other things. Everyone was hungry and all so we were hurrying to eat but SOMEONE was definitely stucked in the life of poverty. Introducing SHARUL BAHRIAH, who ate three plates of food. We were listening on as she listed down all the food she ate and thus, no more MEGATITSBITES. Initially, she wanted to eat there cause she said the food was cheap but I guess she already had her fill at the reception.

Me? I only ate five pieces. No kidding. Sharul ate more than twenty, I think. Lol.

Today, nothing much. Had a very short day. Finished school at 1, had dinner with clique and headed home. Slept all the way till 8. Still tiring but I guess I could use more sleep.

Anyways, I'm gonna catch up with my tv so till laters!