Tuesday, October 7, 2008
(hole) in my pocket.
{2:01 AM}

It's been a long time since I did catching up with friends and I'm terribly sorry if I pangseh-ed anyone along the way. My time management is really terrible. VERY VERY BAD. I think I need to retake Life Management Skills despite scoring AD for it. I must say that I don't really apply what I've learnt to my life. Bad student.

Anyhow, Saturday, I had BA GOAL meeting. It was nice to meet all my loved ones. Been a long time since I met them. Especially when most of them are on attachment. Somehow, next semester, when I head back to school, it won't feel the same anymore cause they are not around. All this time, they were the one who stood by me. I will miss you guys. And it sucks that you all are spending your last semester on attachment. :( Don't forget me after graduation!

After that, went to BBQ for the Shanghai Trip people. Had a lot of fun. Too bad, I had to head home early cause mom's been complaining that I'm never home and on top of that, they went visiting and I was not there. No use also. No money. :D

On Sunday, slacked home. Enuf' said.

Yesterday, had meeting with my groupmates for Shanghai Trip. I was such a glutton cause it's my first out with them and I'm not fasting. So, you guessed it. I ATE A LOT. Damn glutton! After that, left meeting around 5.

Met up with Salleh cause he wanted to alter his pants. I did some cheeeaaaappp shopping. 1 skinny, 2 berms and 1 shirt. And then ate at KFC cause SALLEH was freaking hungry. Like machiam hungry ghost like that. So bo bian. Accompanied him. After that, cabbed back cause he belanja-ed!

Later, heading out again for maybe somemore shopping. Till then, I will see you guys again! Maybe another update soon.