Saturday, October 25, 2008
I'm borned a free loader!
{11:33 PM}

Today was pretty alright.

My nephew came by today, and I got conned. Apparently, he rang the bell, showed up in the macdonalds' rider attire and said someone ordered something. Just imagine it. I had just woke up and I can get real blur at that time. So, I went to get my sister, when he shouted his name.


Like honestly, how could I not see who that person was?

Anyhow, he came by cause he wanted to use our toilet for his big business. LOL. And I remarked how come he didn't bring anything for me. After he went off, he said he would come back.

And so he did. He also brought back apple pie, mc chicken and also medium coke. Good right? But I just ate two roti prata egg. DAMN FULL.

Also, today checked the mailbox and received my third Director's List. WOOOOPIE! I thought I couldn't get it all cause I only did four cores but to my surprise, it came true. God bless!

In short, that's my day.

And no, I haven't forget the raya post. But for now, there's no muse at all. So laters!