Friday, October 3, 2008
Tiring Raya, not Happy Raya.
{12:49 AM}

Hari Raya was pretty much normal for me; or even too tiring for me to do anything. For the past one week, I have been having very little sleep cause I had to help my mother out with all the preparations and such. And amidst all that, I had a fall out with my sister cause she was breathing down my neck. It really was too eventful, to at least say something.

Two days before raya, I was helping my mom prepare all the meet. Getting rid of the fats and then cutting them up. Then, one day before, me and my sister had to wake up damn early to help her prepare other ingredients and cook.

And finally, on the actually day, we had to serve the guests that came over. Tell me if that's not tiring. Honestly, having less than 5 hours of sleep each day is a torture. On top of that, I had to juggle doing my e-portfolio for the Shanghai trip whenever time permitted me too.

Even watching tv was tiring for me and then going to sleep was hard cause my body was aching so much I couldn't sleep.

In all, I really don't get the celebrations. It's only tiring me out immensely.

Somemore, people are getting stingy.