Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Fever. What a bad timing.
{9:35 PM}

There seems to be a lot of things running on my mind. And on top of that, I'm down with a fever today. Not a good sign, eh? Mom has been complaining that I focus too much on school. Can I rebut to that? I don't think I study alot. But rather, the projects are killing me. And if tomorrow my fever doesn't subside, I would be taking my first ever MC in my whole history of being in ngee ann, which would be a bad thing.

Hmm, don't ask me if I'm going for red camp or not. I'm not.

Many people have been asking why and even I can't put my finger into it actually. I mean, I loved going to such events cause it's nice to interact with those kids, especially when they are potentially going to be in our school the coming year. But recently, things have been catching up on me. My other commitments, projects and on top of that, I guess my school workload which is immensely increasing as I tried hard to juggle all of them.

This semester seems like it has already taken its toll on me. Today, I felt as if the previous three semesters tireness have accumulated unto this sem. I seriously hope that I would be able to pick up my steam when common test is nearing. Right now, it's projects all the way. EAA seems to be killing me softly as I tried hard to comprehend it. FMGT makes me feel silly when I don't understand it. CLAW started well but gets tougher. TAX2 remains the module that I love the most. IS? PSYCHOLOGY is making me go crazy but I love the whole module. It's fun and something that I can relate to. Plus Mr Tey is fun!

Alright then, I'm pure rambling. I guess the panadol has taken it's effect on me. I'm gonna sleep for now. See you guys soon!