Saturday, December 27, 2008
Beware of your manhood.
{12:53 AM}

Not just for guys, but for girls as well.

If you ever swim in the Amazon and Oranoco Rivers of South America please think twice before urinating in the water. Fish called Candiru or Carnero is attracted by urine smell (urea and ammonia) and it can insert it self into the penis or vagina while urinating. Then penis fish lodges itself somewhere in the urinary tract with its spines and it uses its mouth for feeding by sucking the blood. It is almost impossible for fish to survive inside of the human body. Removal of the fish is extremely hard due to the spines and if problem is not treated it can result in removal of the genitals.

The fish locates its human targets when people urinate near the fish. A well-circulated myth is that the candiru is capable of swimming up the stream of urine in mid-air to a victim standing on shore or a boat, although this assertion is likely false. Nonetheless, there was a case in which the victim claimed that the fish jumped while he was urinating thigh deep. They are also probably not attracted to pure urine. It is believed that they are able to enter a human urethra only when it is expanded during urination.

This is vicious. This fish is even said to be more fearful than a piranha.

It totally reminds me not to piss now in the public; especially in the countless swimming pools that I have been in. It's scary to see how the fish attacked in the video. It's totally a destruction.

Anyways, I decided to check up on piranhas as well and I came across many videos of them. There are some of the videos which showed the complete ugly side of humans. In my opinion, they should not have done this cause it's totally inhumane.

Do not click and watch it if you are faint hearted.

The first video shows piranhas eating a live frog.

The second video shows piranhas eating a live mouse.

It's damn disgusting please. I posted it because I wanted you all to see the dangers that the piranhas pose to us but at the same time, I don't advocate the whole feeding thing that these people does.

The world in the wilds is damn cruel but I guess it's more cruel when we try to incorporate the wild into our world.