Sunday, December 7, 2008
{11:40 PM}

I know. You all probably wondering how did CLAW went right?

BAAAADDDDD. Honestly, ask anyone who sat for the paper and they will give you the blank look. I was very, very scared to even look at the paper cause it was only a page which contained TWO questions. In total, only 40 marks. How bad could that be right?


I looked at the questions and that was the first time I spent the 10 minutes reading time wisely. It was killing me.

I skipped question 1 and then did question 2a only to find out that after that question, I didn't know how to do the other questions.

GOODBYE AD. GOODBYE A. And welcome a pretty much a pass grade. Well, at least I hope I would pass. SIAN.

Anyhow, revision for Tax2 seems to be fine so far. I need to wrap up revision soon cause tomorrow I gotta start on FMGT. The horror!