Monday, December 22, 2008
Financial Crisis, no problem!
{11:17 AM}

You know, I totally respect people who already had their future mapped out from the moment they are borne. Hmm, depends on circumstances, I suppose. I attended this scholarship workshop whereby they brought in a panel of scholars who told us all about getting the scholarship and how to tackle these interviews.

I was very impressed. At this age, I'm still wondering what to do with my life while these people; some even had their future mapped out as early as secondary school. Saying that, some only thought of it as they were going for these interviews.

There are so many jobs out there but I really want something which is interesting. You might be wondering if I am insane or anything cause I am on my path to being an accountant and instead of going through that route, here I am thinking of a career path.

I don't know. I just wanted an interesting job.

HMM. Working with the Cullens sounds nice. Scratch that. Me and my twilight obsessions. Here's some of the weirdest occupations out there. Some are more amusing that the others.

Fortune Cookie Writer

Yes, we've all wondered who the heck writes those fortunes in English! Finishing a take-out Chinese meal isn't only full of MSG, but those delightfully witty pieces of advice that people are so quick to heed.

Snake Milker

snakeIf you ever get bitten by a poisonous snake you'll be grateful these people know how to work with animals. They are responsible for getting the venom out of snakes to make the anti-venom. Be honest, which one of you thought that snakes had actual milk glands?

Chicken Sexer

Going through baby chicks and separating them according to sex. I hear this job is pretty easy, if you just play bad 80's music and set things up like a 5th grade dance, they separate themselves.

Ostrich Babysitter

Apparently this guy gets to sit in a field full of ostrich and make sure that they didn't peck each other to death or get stolen. Any job where you can sit down, read a book and do absolutely no work is always a plus, but I have heard that these birds' behavior can get a little aggressive.

Note taker for college students

This is particularly prevalent in medical schools but I wouldn't mind getting one to help me take notes while I sleep during lectures. Hold on, if these medical students are not listening to classes and they graduate to become doctors and people see doctors when they are sick... ...

Condom tester

There is a German condom manufacturer who is seeking students from England and Ireland to be condom testers to road test its new range of condoms. They then require feedback regarding the "comfort, pleasure and all round performance" of each condom type. So it is true when the company stressed that all of its condoms have been tested for quality.

I personally like the idea of being a condom tester. It just sounds kinky. In the light of this financial crisis, I guess we don't have much of a choice eh? So, why not just have fun!