Sunday, December 28, 2008
Love is like taking a scholarship?
{12:21 AM}

It's not even Valentine's Day yet but it seems like everyone around me is falling in love. How can I not be bothered? I so damn hot and yet the ugly ones get attached or are currently in the process.

GOD IS SO UNFAIR probably hasn't sent the right one to me just as yet.

Anyhow, looking back almost TWO years ago, perhaps I had taken things for granted. Love was something I took lightly. I never learn how to cherish, give in whenever possible or even understand what it's all about.

It make me wonder. I was telling a friend the other day about how memories are essential for our future. Like how we can always find someone new but memories spent with an someone in the past would still be compared. It's hard to find someone almost miles away better than your ex. Really, and I'm not lying.

Perfection is what we seek but it's always something we barely can get. Sure, we can but that's only because we compromise with what we have cause nobody is infallible. Face it now, we all have flaws. It just so happens that some of us have more flaws than we ever do.

Have you wondered why the extremely HOT people and they NOT SO HOT people are falling in love? Cause love is stereotyped. HOT people and HOT people get together MOST of the time. In psychology, I learn that this is due to similarities amongst individuals. Not only in looks, but also in terms of character/personality. I like to believe that this is indeed true. When two individuals with a common interest or liking, they tend to get along better. There are times when I see people on the street and some pass off as siblings. Really. No kidding.

But, they are dating, of course. Obviously siblings don't hug and touch each other excessively and then pucker up to each other right? I'm not THAT dumb, I would think.

Honestly, when you date, majority of the people nowadays date because they love each other or see themselves being comfortable with the other party. Ironically, marriage is never on their minds. At least not on both parties' minds, I would say.

Hence, at this age, how often can we say that the other person is the one we want to marry and really mean it. For guys, there's still the NS hurdle and then possible to higher education cause really male ego provides no options of us being inferior to our female counterparts.

As for females, different women have different expectations. Some want their men to be successful so that they can be rich tai tais and probably live life like how Gabrielle Solis does in Desperate Housewives or some of them would want to be the all revered Stepford wife like Bree Hodge is.

It all depends.

Sometimes, I feel like falling in love is like going for an interview for a scholarship. There are many stages, you get scrutinized and then finally, you get what you "apparently" seek for. However, for those "scholarships" with bonds, it may be harder to stay and enjoy the benefits if the interest diminishes as time goes by.


Love is like taking a scholarship, much?