Saturday, December 20, 2008
SPIN@ACC outing!
{3:30 PM}

uh huh.

Yesterday, had an outing with the SPIN@ACC peeps. Alright, only half turned up so yeah, quite a bummer cause it would have been great if everyone would have been able to make it.

Thanks, Salleh, Tina, Chong Hui Xian, Joyce, Jacqueline, Sebastian, Joey for coming down. Yes, even Joey, even though he didn't bring any present. HAHA. Kidding! And Joyce, who pangseh-ed us barely half an hour into our outing. MEH.

We first started out at Borders' Coffee Bean for our meeting. Then, headed to Seoul Garden. Can you imagine how delighted I was? It's been AGES since I went there and the first thing on mind was to gobble down all the food. I felt like a total glutton. Fine, whatever, I am a glutton. Halfway through, Joyce went off cause she couldn't take all the fried food as she had some caroling.

After that, we flipped a coin to decide where we were gonna head. It was either between Party World and bowling. And so, the coin decided on Party World. Went there and scratched the idea when the price was damn steep. So, we headed to (finally!) Marina Square to play bowling.

It was fun! It was nice to see everyone's unique style of bowling. We had Salleh's need for a reading time before he bowls, Joey's gay bowling, Tina's totally destruction for the bowling lanes (and her happily standing on the waxed bowling lanes and jumping! LOL!), Jac's drunkard stupor when she wants to bowl, Huixian and her refusal to bend when she bowls, Sebest's very lucky shots and all. It surely was a laughing situation.

We also had an exchange of gifts. Huixian got my gift and she complained it was cheapskate. Hers was worst! $2 paper clips! LOL. I got a gift from Jac. I honestly dunno how to describe it but it was cute. So, thanks for the thoughts that counts.

After that, Joey and Salleh wanted to play pool which in the end, the latter pawned overall. Huixian and Jac were playing their DS Lites and the former pawned. Looks like the Chairman and Vice Chairman are pretty good at their own field eh?

To wrap the day up, I went shopping and finally bought my bag at foreFOURskin and so, I was pretty happy.

At the end of the day, I was so damn tired, I headed home, bathed and slept!


Now, I gotta get ready cause my family members are all at my sis' place to celebrate my nephews' birthday and I'm running late. So, later, people!