Saturday, January 24, 2009
Bride WARS!
{10:20 AM}

Alright, so yesterday I thought it would be nice to just unwind and hence, I decided to meet Joel for a movie because it's been EOOOOONNNNNSSS since I last went for a movie. Btw, I can't recall the last movie I watched really. TWILIGHT maybe? And that one I already watched twice in the cinemas and then probably more than 10 times online. TSK TSK.

Anyhow, I watched BRIDE WARS yesterday. Been wanting to watch it like forever since I first saw the trailer.

Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Liv (Kate Hudson) are best friends who, since childhood, have planned every detail of their weddings. At the top of their bridal "must have" list: a ceremony at New York's ultimate bridal destination, the Plaza Hotel. Now, at age 26, they're both about to get married, they're about to realize their dreams, and they're about to live happily ever after. Or maybe not. When a clerical error causes a clash in wedding dates--they're now to be married on the same date!--Liv, Emma and their lifelong friendship are put to the ultimate test. Liv, a successful lawyer who is used to getting what she wants, including the perfect job and the perfect man, won't settle for anything less than the perfect wedding she has dreamed of for years. Emma, a schoolteacher who has always been good at taking care of others, but not so much in looking after herself, discovers her inner Bridezilla and comes out swinging when her own dream wedding is imperiled. Now, the two best friends who'd do anything for each other find themselves in a no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners struggle that threatens to erupt into all-out war. The girls both attempt to "sabotage" the others weddings, including Liv making Emma's tan go bright red, and Emma sending Liv a "treat" of chocalate cookies in order to make her fat.

I have removed spoilers for you. :D So nice right?

If you are planning to watch something and have a good laugh, this movie is a must watch!