Monday, January 26, 2009
Fab 5+1 Outing!
{11:24 PM}

Alright, dudes. It's been two days since I went out and I'm still feeling pretty tired. Honestly, I think I overstretched myself on Saturday. Oh well, it was all fun I suppose cause everyone had fun.

Like I said, I met up with my project mates in the early afternoon and then the "Fab 5", as coined by Kinn, in the evening. We first had dinner at Burger King, albeit Hel's constant requests to go THAI EXPRESS. But I suppose, that was overruled.

Anyhow, after that, we met up with Suhaila AKA susu basi at bugis. Where did we go?

What is that?

ZAC CAFE! Yes. Look at that map and you will know how to go. Real damn easy. Walk towards Raffles Hospital and just walk straight!

Me being their spokesperson! Shandy is jealous of me being chosen and Hel is all wasted. :)

On one side, we have Kinn, Me and Shandy!

On the other, we have Hel, Des and Susu!

GROUP PHOTO! And yes, we were shisha-ing. Only Kinn, me and Su. But Su gave up cause she couldn't suck WELL. :) So yeah. Very funny.


Finally, we have a heck of a time with Sue's scarf/pashmina/tudung! So, we decided to pose.


HEL! Nice turban!

KINN! I had to force it on her.

SHANDY! With the psychotic smile!

And of course, the most chio-est of all, YOURS TRULY!

So, which one is your favorite? All styled by me, of course!

Anyhow, if you wanna head down to Zac Cafe and it's not bad. Pretty nice ambience and relatively good prices, you can take down the address.

17 Jalan Pinang

Tel: 6295 1816

Till then, toodles!