Sunday, January 11, 2009
Top three for XBRL Competition!
{6:53 PM}

Pardon me for the long absence.

Openhouse. Project deadlines. Common Test Results.


I'm so burned out now and just when I thought everything is done, it's not. There are many things left to do.

Econs assignment done.
CLAW Report almost finished.
TAX2 Presentation needed to be done.
CLAW Presentation needed to be done.

And to add on it.


It was Saturday morning and I was getting ready to go school. Suddenly, a SMS came in with the following message from Mr Ng Lai Soen, my EAA lecturer.

Congradulations. Your team has been shortlisted to participate in the XBRL Competition. Please nominate your team leader. Decide the dress code and beef up your presentation to improve the chances of securing the no, one spot.

Out of around 30 plus teams, our team got into the top three. I'm so ecstatic now! Our hard work had certainly paid off!

The XBRL Competition is conducted per semester for my course and we have to basically talk about XBRL and make comparisons between Singapore's XBRL and another country's XBRL. For our group, we chose China.

I heard the top prize is $500 bucks! That means, 100 bucks each member in my team. That is, if we win it! Pray for us people!

This semester is on a roll! WOOOOHOOOO. :D